We are an organisation that works towards connecting, publishing, and bringing out the efforts and endeavours of a "real doer," who focuses and thrives exceptionally and diligently to bring about change in society and harmonise the world.

We feel fortunate to have established DOER; we consider it a force, a medium through which we aim to bring positive impact to people’s lives in all ways possible. We as a platform are always strving towards bringing and curating stories for our readers that are inspirational, impactful, life-changing, socially focused, about thriving entrepreneurs, influencers’ journeys, unsung heroes, and much more.

Our primary goal is not just to bring these stories to life; we are on a mission to change as many lives as possible. Our efforts are aligned with our mission to make DOER a social community by actively participating in helping the lives of those around us through a variety of fundraising programmes for the needy, education support, women's empowerment, animal welfare, and others.