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From Struggles to Success: Lilyma Khan’s Journey to Becoming a Head Chef

Lilyma Khan had always dreamt of becoming a chef, inspired by her father's culinary skills. In her childhood, she would watch him cook simple...

Three Friends Revolutionizing Rural Healthcare In India with An Innovative ICU Kit.

A Cry for Help in Rural India In June 2023, The Times of India reported a harrowing tale of Munni Devi, a pregnant resident of...

Brittle Bones but Unbreakable Spirit: Sweta’s Years of Bedrest Fuel A Lifelong Mission to Rescue Stray Animals.

Sweta, affectionately known as Aastha, has faced numerous challenges in her life, and her journey is a testament to the power of determination and...

Utilizing AI-ML Technology to Aid the Visually Impaired: Smart Vision Glasses in Action.

Seetharam Muthangi, an innovator with a vision to empower the visually impaired, has created a groundbreaking solution known as Smart Vision Glasses. These assistive...

Sol’s Arc: Empowering People with Disabilities in Education and Employment

Championing Inclusive Education In 2003, Sonali Saini established Sol's Arc in Mumbai with a mission to support children and young adults with special learning...

Introducing the Kerala Doctor Who Detected the Nipah Outbreak, Both in 2018 and This Time.

On September 10, 2023, four individuals were admitted to Aster MIMS Hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala, exhibiting fever, cough, and respiratory symptoms. Among them were...

‘BookWater’ Revolutionizes the Water Delivery Industry with IoT-Powered QR Codes for Quality Assurance.

BookWater, founded in 2022 by the dynamic duo of Bharath Govindaraghavan and Balachander G., along with their friends Hariharan Vedamurthy and Sameer Bharat Ram,...

Deepika Padukone Ventures into the Coffee World with Blue Tokai Roasters Investment.

The story of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is one that traces its roots back to a shared passion for coffee and a commitment to...

Dreamfly Innovations Redefines Battery Technology in India; Graphene-Based Solutions Lead the Way.

In the bustling tech hub of Bengaluru, a remarkable startup is poised to change the game in battery technology. Dreamfly Innovations, founded in 2022...

Bengaluru Engineer’s AI Robots: A Solution for Targeted Crop Spraying, Minimizing Pesticide Usage and Labor.

In the agricultural heartlands of India, traditional farming practices often involve labor-intensive sowing, irrigation, and the widespread manual spraying of pesticides. This not only...

Bringing Healthcare Home: Dr. Swaminathan’s ‘Doctor on Wheels’ Revolutionizes Access to Medical Services.

Dr. Swaminathan C, who had spent years in Canada, returned to India and settled down. It was during his tenure at a private medical...

Showcasing India’s Art And Crafts At G20 Summit.

India's diverse art and crafts were prominently featured at the G20 summit held in New Delhi. From the exquisite Pashmina shawls of Kashmir to...

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