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The Tajikistan Trailblazer, Fame Beyond Borders: Abdu's International Impact

Abdu Rozik, fondly known as ‘Chota Bhaijaan’ in the Bigg Boss house, is no small achiever despite his stature. The world’s smallest professional singer and boxer has overcome odds to earn worldwide fame and a legion of fans.

A Rocky Start

Abdu Rozik’s journey wasn’t a breeze. Diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency and Rickets as a child, his growth and hormonal development came to a halt at the age of 5. This posed significant challenges, and he was often mistaken for a child due to his short stature.

Battling Bullies

During his early teens, Abdu faced relentless bullying and mockery because of his size. These struggles limited his formal education to just three years. His classmates taunted him, and he endured physical violence on his way home from school. Despite these hardships, Abdu remained the sole provider for his family, adding more pressure to his already difficult life.

Healthcare Hurdles

His family’s financial constraints prevented them from seeking medical treatment for his condition. Despite not being able to read or write, Abdu turned to music and began composing his own songs as a coping mechanism. In the face of adversity, he initiated a form of self-education, transforming his life’s narrative.

Bigg Boss Breakthrough

Before entering the Bigg Boss house, Abdu shared his excitement and nervousness about the journey ahead. People had often underestimated his abilities due to his stature, and they had labeled him the “unfortunate child of God.” Yet, Abdu refused to let these labels define him. He affirmed his resilience and determination to prove the world wrong.

A Turning Point: Abdu began his journey by singing in the street bazaars of Tajikistan to support his family. This path led to a fortunate encounter at the age of 17 when he was noticed and sponsored by Yasmine Safia, a member of the royal family of the UAE. With Yasmine’s support and investment, Abdu’s skills were honed, allowing him to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

A Dubai Transformation: After relocating to Dubai, Abdu continued his remarkable journey. He credits Yasmine Safia, the CEO and founder of IFCM.ae, for his transformation. Yasmine provided him with coaching in Hindi and English, mentored his music, sports, acting, and dance career, and helped him break into the global entertainment market. She instilled in him a sense of self-worth and taught him to manage his finances, a skill that had eluded him before.

Abdu’s Rise to Fame: Over the past two years, Abdu Rozik has performed alongside renowned artists such as A.R. Rahman, Redone, French Montana, and Will I AM. His initial taste of fame came during a widely publicized boxing press conference in Moscow, garnering over 400 million views worldwide.

Upcoming Ventures: Abdu Rozik is set to feature alongside Salman Khan in the upcoming film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.’ He has also recorded his first album of Hindi songs, scheduled for release by the year’s end. In a remarkable achievement, he received a 10-year golden visa to the United Arab Emirates, making Dubai his second home.

A Message of Resilience

Entering the Bigg Boss house, Abdu hopes to win the hearts of people in India and around the world. He aims to share his life story and demonstrate that he has already endured some of life’s most challenging trials. In doing so, he hopes to change perceptions and create understanding among a global audience.

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