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Co-founders undertaking the challenges to transfer their Theatre passion into Digital Lifestyles Free Porn

The leading founders of the Indian digital theatre platform – ALFAAZ; Yamini Joshi and Evita Marie-Marques; are on the pursuit to curate the buzzword for the fresh, creative and cultured freelancers in the cosmos of theatre and art.

It is the ‘zero hour’ where you evoke and conquer those things that you are passionate about or the things that fire you up. That is what the two neoteric women from Mumbai have been doing ever since the pandemic hit because they couldn’t just let the world crisis curtail them from transpiring, their “own” world that they dreamt. So they jumped right in!


They have been reviving a golden art via a fresh concept that appeals to the masses in a very digital and efficient way, and so remarkably that it’s creating an exhilarating buzz in the digital and artsy world.

You get to learn art, theatre, digital business and most essentially, the vigorous ideology of chasing your passion until the twelfth of never and exporting that exceptionally creative heavy file of worthy lessons permanently into your lifestyles. It is because who wants to keep their passion as just their hobby, right! And it is the wisdom imparted by the co-founders of ALFAAZ – the digital theatre platform; Yamini Joshi and Evita Marie-Marques.

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