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Beauty Brand 'BodyCafé' On The Quest To Uplift The Society And Celebrate Integrity With High-End Achievers, Producers and Traditions. test

It is undoubtedly the right time to make the world aware of the various prosperous ways people achieve their dreams while resolving social causes altogether. The ones who think that working for the betterment of the world is tiresome will surely be motivated after knowing about these two wonder women, “TanushreeIshani Das and PoojaKaregoudar”, who have curated a ‘creative consumer brand – BodyCafé’ and have harmonised it with the power to curtail various social dynamic-issues. 

Image Credits: BodyCafe

While launching their beauty brand, the two founders were very clear from the beginning that they wanted to build a brand that is highly value-driven and addresses social affairs that are still underrated in society. 

Image Credits: BodyCafe

Tanushree states, ‘Paying homage to the women fraternity only on women’s day, celebrating diversity during Pride month, was a concept which we couldn’t digest. We wanted to celebrate them every day and be the DNA of our brand that answers WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing. It was time for us to challenge the ‘established ways of defining success, focus on building an aspirational brand and also bring social responsibility, consciousness, and empathy to our valuations.’

Exclusive Approachable Virtues

The hallmarks of this beauty and wellness brand are the gathered inspiration from the ancient traditions and the very practice, which is by far like the honorable badge in this pro-active world, sustainability.

Image Credits: BodyCafe

Pooja shares, ‘We realised that people dedicate Sundays making remedy combinations at home, which are not sustainable. We addressed this directly by hand-making our products with the quality of age-old remedies and nature’s goodness into affordable products. Unlike most skincare brands, we don’t outsource our end products and develop them in-house.’

Supporting Community Supported Agriculture

The brand’s foundation, bracketing Indian agriculture and their farmers, is a valuable collaboration. The communities won’t lose their engagement or placement by basing their strengths in this driven alliance. 

Karegoudar states, ‘This strategic growth partnership is an effective way to build a brand, spread awareness, create opportunities and break into new markets. But most importantly, it helps build #communityovercompetition – which we strongly believe in and advocate. We aim to create an eco-system wherein partnerships and synergies are nurtured.’

Tanushree adds that the intentions were not priorly decided, as it appeared that the path to building their aspirational brand was not ‘strategic’. She says, ‘There was never any vested interest nor any hidden agenda for our social and environmental footprint but desire to build BodyCafé on strong ethics. The core of our brand is forgotten Indian ingredients, which means that Indian agriculturalists are the brand’s heroes. This is since inception and before #istandwithfarmers came to the forefront.’

Constituent Out-front

The word – is given and taken from all over the communities in sharing wisdom, ingredients, services, and the end-products. Karegoudar mentions, ‘Through our Farm to Face mission, we procure raw materials from Mandya, remote villages close to Mysore, Chikmaglur, and Kerala.’

Image Credits: BodyCafe

Founders realised that no brand was offering this and decided to pioneer this cause. “When you associate with the best, you are bound to get exceptional results.” Brand’s turmeric range is one of our hot-sellers and not just in India but also in Dubai where they are present. They have also received overwhelming responses from the Middle Eastern, South East Asian, and even African population.’

Women As Synergy: A forgotten Value

As a women-led consumer organisation, BodyCafé has set its keystone with the caliber and finesse of numerous women from several communities. Das asserts that it has never been a conscious or forced decision to include only domestic and marital abuse warriors in their team. 

Image Credits: BodyCafe

Tanushree supports, ‘Our main endeavour is to include women to our value chain through staff or via our business associations and partnerships. During the lockdown, we realised that while work from home was a dream for many, it also proved to be a nightmare for many women who had to face abuse at home. That is when we decided that we needed to stand stronger and started emphasizing our mission.’

Superior Sentiment: Donations

BodyCafé thrives forward with the motto – “Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.” It allocates a considerable amount of its generated revenue to donate Covid and daily essentials to the orphanages and nursing homes. 

Das shares, ‘Prior pandemic, we associated ourselves personally and professionally to conduct campaigns where we donated and gifted essentials to those in need. From nursing homes to orphanages to rural hospitals to animal shelters, we try to extend all possible support. During Covid, we have shared revenues in our capacities to arrange essentials and dry ration for the elderly, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, and sanitisers. One of our ex-interns donated her stipend to feed the stray dogs while the other tutored the underprivileged with it.’

Moreover, Das proclaims that their motto is a part of their brand’s DNA. Considering that very fact in mind, it is in confidence that the cherished contribution custom would continue to commence in the future, as long as the brand soars high. 

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