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Fitness Practitioner Bestowing Philosophy That She Fathomed Over The Years Of Her Expertise She Versed In test

We are never too old to be fit and healthy. Never old to practice and accomplish holistic fitness. Certainly never too old to advance in life, professionally and personally, and expand our knowledge and experience in our beliefs. Such has been the exemplification of Pallavi Barman to us, consequently. 

The mother of two is a spectacular intellect, remarkably devoted to her belief in fitness, and a passionate practitioner of various sports activities. That aspect has led her to include those beliefs in her career, making it a permanent part of her life, leaving no loose breakthrough to get away from it. Or it to get away from her! 

People have witnessed her dedication and cherished her work as a business head for the brand. So not only just passionate about fitness, but she has also been a strategic business leader, leading the first and the best homegrown fitness brand in India – HRX, and that too for the past 12 years. 

When we got one, we took the chance to converse with her and chatted about her beliefs, practices, career, and strategies for leading an up-roaring brand. We reminisced about her personal and professional advancement throughout her life and caught the best moments of her imparting her share of wisdom. That we are sure, it will benefit numerous people pursuing their various dynamic dreams.  

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