Priorities are flourishing for this young adult, Shraddha Mishra, who, as we got to know, is not so young to curate a homegrown business with her manoeuvres like art, emotions and creativity. She is all set to drive her way into many possibilities, both professionally and personally, where you; would see her growing and spreading her genuine, cheerful and loving aura to inspire others and share smiles with her heart and a pen.

The young businesswoman feels giddy as she shares her experience of reviving the traditional and authentic emotions of handwritten letters through her brand popularly, known as ‘Letters by Shraddha’. Through this, she helps bring comfort, warmth and smiles by comfortably assisting people to convey their feelings in words to others. She shares, ‘At the end of the day, when I go to sleep or after I have completed; a milestone, I feel great knowing that I have written for so many people and that I am a house for so many stories, emotions and relationships. I am so glad that people trust me where in today’s world it’s already hard enough to open up to others.’

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