Born and raised in Bengaluru, Poonam Bir Kasturi had a vision to utilize design to solve the city’s burgeoning waste problem. In 2006, she founded Daily Dump, a company dedicated to changing citizens’ mindsets towards waste management. Through a range of segregation products, she encourages responsible waste disposal and composting in households across the city.

Empowering Individuals through Awareness and Education

Recognizing the importance of community involvement, Poonam actively promotes awareness and educates people about waste management. She conducts workshops, awareness campaigns, and training programs to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required to manage their waste effectively. Her initiatives have not only changed mindsets but have also fostered a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the environment.

Designing Solutions for Conscious City Living

Poonam’s passion for using design to transform systems is evident in her work at Daily Dump. The organization focuses on creating easy and engaging solutions for conscious city living. By making people aware of the bigger picture in fresh and simple ways, and by providing accessible tools for waste management, Daily Dump enables everyone to contribute to tackling large issues like waste in the city. Poonam’s expertise in both the industrial and craft sectors informs her innovative approach to waste management.

Addressing Bengaluru’s Growing Waste Crisis

Bengaluru’s growing population has led to a severe waste management crisis. With thousands of tons of waste generated daily, the municipal authorities have struggled to implement effective waste management strategies. Poonam’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the environment have driven her to take responsibility and find solutions. Through Daily Dump, she offers segregation products that encourage responsible waste management, providing an alternative to the inadequate municipal services.

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"Waste Warrior: Poonam Bir Kasturi's Environmental Revolution."

Revolutionizing Waste Management with Daily Dump

Daily Dump offers a range of products, including a tall cylindrical-shaped composter made of terracotta, designed to manage organic waste. The organization aims to design and build products and services for decentralized waste management in homes, communities, offices, and public spaces. By separating kitchen waste from dry, hazardous, and sanitary waste, and providing proper disposal methods for each category, Daily Dump empowers individuals to take charge of their waste and reduce their environmental footprint.

The Power of Individual Action

Poonam believes that if every individual takes responsibility for waste management, the city’s garbage problem can be significantly reduced. By encouraging proper waste segregation and disposal, Daily Dump aims to achieve a 60% reduction in garbage dumping in the city. Poonam’s vision and determination serve as a reminder that change starts with individual action and collective responsibility.

"Turning the Tide: Poonam Bir Kasturi's Waste Solutions."

Inspiring a Sustainable Future

Poonam Bir Kasturi’s pioneering work in waste management showcases the power of innovative thinking and individual action. Through Daily Dump, she has successfully transformed the way Bengaluru residents perceive and manage waste. Her efforts inspire us to take small steps towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Poonam Bir Kasturi’s journey continues to inspire and guide us in our quest for a cleaner, greener world.

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