You know it’s a blessing in disguise where even a single person makes a woman feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Imagine getting to meet that person in real who can even guide and usher the women through their careers. How psyched will you be? It is because, believe us or not, it is still not easy for women in the professional world, even in this era. How big of a help that kind of person would be?

Now imagine an entire community of such people who think, guide, create value and make it easier for women to succeed in their lives and careers just as same as that one person. The euphoria all women around the globe will feel would be unmatched. However, the twist here in this story is that you don’t have to imagine and be happy with only the thought of it existing in the parallel universe because there is one such community that resides and operates between us in this universe. The community has made it all possible and created a brilliant ecosystem for women to connect and build careers they admire (are passionate about), inquire about their queries, find solutions, improve their skills and share their personal experiences.

Photo Credit: Kool Kanya Blogs

It has transcended – the barriers of communication and embellished itself with a vast range of knowledgable courses that have called out at least seven million-plus women visitors on to its website. The community is visioned strongly towards giving career advice and navigating the in-joining community through their professional challenges. We are proud to introduce such a great asset to our society which is none other than KOOL KANYA itself, an organisation based in Mumbai, India. This organisation has accumulated more than fifty-plus industry leaders to impart the practicality of variant professional skilled courses out there, which until now, has included and completed hundred-plus hours of live learning sessions. Proficient instructors come straight from various domains and fields like Elle, Scoopwhoop, Mantra, McKinsey and Company, VIVO, Starcom, Roposa, Vedanta, Indigo, Rolling Stone India, Hindustan Times, and more.

This platform is a game starter for college students and entry-level graduates. It certainly also acts as a super gear for aspiring marketers, content writers, digital professionals, and freelance entrepreneurs to speed up the levels in their career games. That is a proficient way to build up your social media presence by learning the basics through the scholars of domains or embellishing your CVs and skills by receiving re-owned certificates on completing each course plan. Now that is what we’ll say, keeping up with the workplace trends and employment. The most dazzling and enticing service of the brand – is the flexible time commitment provided to the learners for their comfort.

Moreover, we can not forget the most coherent learning plan that Kool Kanya has launched. It is their annual-exceptional plan with a generous amount of live courses, pre-recorded expert videos, hands-on sessions., personalised reviews for LinkedIn and resumes, and virtual labs. The premium mixture of all the services amassed through their other exclusive courses. A program that gives seekers access to the premium career community and a chance to learn from the various interactions and guides the performers to finally execute each insight into the marketplace. Although undoubtedly, all the services and programs assist the community, and probably, you all too, if you decide to give the organisation a chance to help – to establish your brand value and create a compelling brand image.

Photo Credit: Kool Kanya Blogs

The online platform alias their website is structured in a very efficient manner where you could find your way around very deftly. Built with a clear purpose like the vision of the company – it is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. We mean, the moment you open the portal to the community, you will acquire a grand introduction from the CEO, Vanshika Goenka, on the top and front of the home page. Invincibly, it’s a video of her introducing all things that you need to know about the venture and her, and trust us when we say that the video is just it. It’s everything and evidently will get you hooked to explore even more, probably the whole site. One thing is implicit you can not stop looking furthermore. If you are a woman who knows the struggle of earning and competing with the opposite gender to get even the intrinsic rights in the workplace, you will explore to the very root. Why? It is because; the brand will decisively call onto you, like a siren to the shore.

The community-led learning platform exclusively runs its blog, which is worth a read. So, ladies, you cannot miss them. The blogs cover the aspects of the profession, life, and the things that women; relate with. A safe place for women to read, learn, invest and earn. A place perfect for women.

So, ladies, all the wonder women – you cannot miss out on this holistic learning; because Kool Kanya asks you to #raiseyourpower, you should precisely aim for it.

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