Some Beautiful paths; can only be discovered by getting lost.

Wondering; how true is, that – for every travel blogger. The same has been the case for our unruly, queer, anti-speciesist travel blogger, Calen Ann Otto, who is exploring the world under the essence of getting lost and experiencing what’s hidden deep within the world. Moreover, all of that is on just a minimal budget!

Motivated by her extreme affection for meeting outsiders and other wanderers and sharing their extraordinary stories with unique travel trips to aspire to; others to explore and grow, Calen curated the extraordinaire travel blog. With that, she has also written and published her travel guidebook, especially for the curious ones who want to experience – what and how the whole world seems on a budget and how traveling can be more accessible.

Calen is not stopping on just this mark, as she has disclosed and exclusively shared her next step; on her travel journey. We are hopping along with her on that!

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