You would be thinking; that we will have the perfect set of words and phrases to introduce this revolutionary organisation that we will talk about in this article – then you guys are both right and wrong. You are right because we are about to give you an exquisite and instructive article that the organisation rightfully deserves. Next, with all the influential and tempting services for womankind – we got the hint to buckle up, pick up the pens and be wild with our creativeness to celebrate the existence of this digital platform in our time and space. However, we are also in a pickle because introducing a women-centric digital health platform, called Proactive For Her, that provides all sorts of medical help is total liberal, unbiased, convenient and trustworthy, is like being vexed under and from greatness. But we will do it because we are stubborn, and we appreciate; the hell out of those people who give their all to create something extraordinary for humankind and society.

CEO and founder of the platform – Achitha Jacob, dropped out of the Harvard Business School to curate her best vision; and has been successful; in establishing the foundation of women-centric health support, all under one roof and with one platform. That gave the millions of women – the soaring levels of support and expectancy to hold onto through challenging phases of their life. Her efforts to change the life of women are budding and fruiting into a heaven’s cloud on which women will find collaborative guidance and emphatic care.

We are not sugar-coating when we say that they provide clandestine healthcare solutions that are easily accessible to every woman because they do offer that. Their services are not only intimate but also fortunate to approach and use, and up till now, they have extended help with judgement-free care to over 15000+ women. They are extremely liberal with their approach that they have got 300 plus women to book their first gynaecologist appointment. That is what we call helping and uplifting the women of the society and even the world to be aware of the knowledge and opportunities available in the contemporary world.

Moreover, they are educating them in every possible way to utilise the services and avail their rights. They have been enlightening people about health issues from their presence to their solutions and even their services by publishing exceptional and enlightening blogs. The platform has published around 200 plus blogs on the topics that women want to talk about, read about, get comfort from and discuss with their fellow kind but can not do so because of the judging society and habitual-overlooking practices.

The services expand and cover the medical domains of – gynaecology, endocrinology, mental health, nutrition, lab medicine, general physician, internal medicine and fitness. Where will you find such a wide range of health services and all of that; at one station just for women? The space has non-judgmental, trauma-informed and queer-informative doctors on board with them.

The health programs set by these professionals cover diverse issues without letting even the puniest one slip out. The health brand is also active with offline and online webinars to the insights of the sessions and discussions held with experts in the medical field. They have helped women to change their outlooks; toward their lifestyle and health problems related to it. Their exclusive insights into therapy for brown women are so heart-warming, dependable, relatable and eye-opening that one can not help but book a session with them for self-care and self-love purposes. Honestly, therapy should be in our regimen, and this is a great place to receive them from, according to the great reviews left by their recipients, clients and patients on the web space.

We are telling you that you might get teary eyes and feel overwhelming emotions with the level of understanding shown by each of their doctors. We insist you visit the website, not to do anything but to open its blogs column and read just one of them. They have published illuminating commentaries, insightful hypotheses and practical explanations on crucial and neglected topics that women today yearn to talk about and are still unfamiliar to its presence. The entire range is so extensive that it intrigues everyone who wants to seek some assistance in any way possible. 

The affront attached to mensural, sexual and reproductive health issues tagged along with other so-called controversial problems, lack of support and access has curtailed many women, of almost all generations, from investing in their soundness and wellbeing. The manifestation of Proactive For Her vision to support women commenced because, according to the founder Jacob, she knew the fact that women tend to ignore their health, which is the bitter truth. They put the health of everyone else; over their own. That gave genesis to the digital platform in August 2020 and its first flagship offline clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore,  after two years in April 2022.

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