Most of us feel that our 20 is too young an age to start a business. Perhaps, it is right since business requires experience, knowledge, and most importantly money (capital) to run. However, “Young Trendz” duo- Sindhuja K from Hyderabad and Praween KR from Bihar have burst this myth bubble for us.

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At 21, they are running a venture- Young Trendz that sells creative T-shirts. It has garnered revenue of Rs. 20 crores in just two years! Can you believe it? It reinforces my belief in the timeless fact that ideas are cheap. It is the execution that matters. It all started with a Knitwear design course in one of their semesters in college. The duo saw the business opportunity in the booming e-commerce trend. With an initial capital of Rs. 10 lakhs, they tied up with various online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Voonik, and the likes. They immediately received an overwhelming response for their trendy t-shirts which motivated them to start their own e-commerce portal just within 2 months of the launch.

Many young entrepreneurs cannot sustain fast growth. However, Sindhuja and Parween were easily able to not just sustain the rising demand, but also scale rapidly from 10 orders per day to 1000 orders on a daily basis. Their primary focus was to ensure variety in their product line, for which they moved to Tirpur– the knitwear capital of India. They triumphed many obstacles, one of which was the language barrier. Realising the quality of raw material and low-cost product development, they decided to base themselves in Tirpur. Along with the skilled local workforce, they recruited talented IT professionals from Coimbatore to balance their product quality and technological advancements.  

According to them, the key to their success is their connection with the youth and an eye for the trends. They think of themselves as the consumers as their target audience is also 20 something young adults. With over 3500 products, they always get out of stock, especially during Sale festivals on online portals. They were also awarded by Flipkart for being one of the highest selling brands during the Big Billion Sale festival.  

Sindhuja and Parween are an inspiration to the youth of India to dream big and execute bigger.  

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