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The Billionaire Power couple taking on Tesla- The Fiskers

Image Credits: Forbes

Famed car designer Henrik Fisker makes a come back with his co-founder and wife Geeta Gupta Fisker. After the unprecedented collapse of his pioneer automobile vehicle company, he makes a quick comeback. A tall and handsome 57 years old eminent personality he was, the world knows him as a European automobile designer. For the first time, he was known for an outside the car world in 1999 for fine styling a silver, convertible BMW for the Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in the movie The World Is Not Enough. In the 2000s he started working as a design consultant for Eon Musk Tesla. In the year 2007, he founded Fisker Automotive, which was known as one of the world’s first designed plug-in cars, before spectacularly falling for more than six years.  

He is back with all power and excitement to build a new empire completely. He has three new things this time, and the most essential one was his co founder and wife Geeta. Second his Los Angeles company is gaining public exposure and raising a good revenue of $1Billion in just October 2020. And the final new change was the Fisker’s stock price was in debut and they had seriously brought some good profit to both Henrick and Geeta.

The automobile industry has always been dominated by father and son relationship, but now it is found out to the first partnership between husband and wife, doing so well together. They think different and work differently. If you compare the two sides of the brain, their thoughts were like that completely opposite to one another. Right brain was Henrick a creative one, and left brain was Geeta the data driven analytical one. The battery powered SUV was supposed to start in the year 2020 with around $38,000 budget. Geeta made it sure that it turns out to be a stellar product with great performance. Wealth was not the motive, his mother wanted him to be a dentist.

Image Credits: Forbes

The couple was all packed to make this new venture a super success unlike the previous one. The earlier company was all  started with investors and sovereign wealth fund of silicon valley investors. Fisker Automotive was a great hard lesson that taught a lot and gave an experience for the lifetime about how to handle operation.

To get the new venture the duo worked day and night. Even with cancer, Geeta Fisker was all grounded to work and establish Fisker Automotive.

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