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Shraddha Mishra Found Solace In Exploring The Horizons Of Creativity

Priorities are flourishing for this young adult, Shraddha Mishra, who, as we got to know, is not so young to curate a homegrown business with her manoeuvres like art, emotions and creativity. She is all set to drive her way into many possibilities, both professionally and personally, where you; would see her growing and spreading her genuine, cheerful and loving aura to inspire others and share smiles with her heart and a pen.

The young businesswoman feels giddy as she shares her experience of reviving the traditional and authentic emotions of handwritten letters through her brand popularly, known as ‘Letters by Shraddha’. Through this, she helps bring comfort, warmth and smiles by comfortably assisting people to convey their feelings in words to others. She shares, ‘At the end of the day, when I go to sleep or after I have completed; a milestone, I feel great knowing that I have written for so many people and that I am a house for so many stories, emotions and relationships. I am so glad that people trust me where in today’s world it’s already hard enough to open up to others.’

This marvellous creative writer has used her major of HR and has brilliantly utilised it to know and understand the heart and intentions of people who are, reaching up to her. The commencement of this venture was a real-life experience that was an eye-opener for our dear Miss Shraddha. She recalls, ‘ All the credit goes to my Ex, who was not supportive. I am the kind of person who requires lots of positive affirmations and appreciative words as I think they play a huge role in any relationship . And I believe it is not just me but a plethora of people who also might not receive them someway or the other and would need them, irrespective of their gender. If I am feeling this way, there would probably be many others who would feel the same. That is what I put on to and started with personalised writings initially. It was just a service at the beginning that I provided, but later, I enhanced the notion and launched the product of handwritten letters. And that is how the journey began.’

Believably or so, social media has done a lovely favour to the founder and has aided her greatly in achieving, what she mentioned, and we quote ‘An Overnight Success’. Mishra was astonished by the power of social media platforms, and she rejoiced in her experience of that particular moment with us. ‘In my life, I never understood the term – an overnight success. But Instagram has played an essential role in me being that. The first reel that went viral was overnight in just about 12 hours. It is the power of social media that has helped me to shape my dreams. I can not believe the beauty, the madness and the power of going viral through social media.’

So, a passion and a hobby turned into something extraordinary, which became Shraddha’s inspiration to survive upon, and just with the help of Instagram statistics. In one way or the other, with all its pros and cons tagged along with it, if approached with pure motives to bring out something new in the ton and be consistent with it, social media platforms certainly can assist and support tons to achieve wonders. Moreover, it can also change a person’s life and mould the dreams into reality, sometimes without even knowing about it, just like in the instance of the Founder, Shraddha Mishra, from whom we assuredly learnt a lot.

The lively entrepreneur thrives forward with the simplistic approach to social media, which we think is working effectively and efficiently for her; in terms of marketing her brand and securing its value. She states, ‘To anyone who comes up to my stories, posts and page, I want them to know that I am an ordinary person, with no extraordinary skills like makeup and things like that, no offence. After coming back from college, if I have a reel idea in my mind, without thinking twice, I would shoot it with the most realistic captions, keeping the whole thing minimal.’ She further added, ‘I just want ‘Letters By Shraddha’ to stand for love, warmth and hope because that is what letters also bring along with them. That’s what I want my Instagram page to portray also.’

The writer has made it clear and easy for people who seem blinded by the thoughts about Instagram being a hard place to please the audience with any skills. Even the simplest sleights can be named; the diamond that sparkles brighter if pursued with a pure heart and, most importantly, a strong belief.

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