After donning Manchester United’s prestigious number 10 jersey, Marcus became a household name and cult hero for millions.

He is revered for his perseverance and for encouraging his fanbase to contribute to the betterment of young individuals.

Marcus was raised by a single mother in the outskirts of Manchester and worked multiple jobs to provide for her children. She often skipped meals to ensure her children were well-fed.

Marcus’s family depended heavily on complimentary school meals, breakfast programs, and food pantries. Marcus claims that he understood the importance of giving back to the community in part by benefiting from free food provided by his mother’s workplace.

The Manchester United star has expressed concerns over various essential topics, including the quality of school lunches and racial discrimination among students. Many media reports like  “The Sun” stated that Rashford effectively pressured the government into reversing their decision to close schools so that low-income children who depend on school lunches could continue to get such meals amid COVID-19.

English Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared in March that he planned to shut down most schools. Rashford relied on government assistance for food as a child and was awarded an MBE for his efforts to generate twenty million pounds to feed needy children.

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Charity leader and teacher Sandra Allan said,

“Marcus is among the most prominent and inspiring young people in the Country, so kids can learn a vast lot from how he utilizes social media to have a meaningful effect. As part of our dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in the classroom, this is a fantastic chance for students to experience social media while simultaneously learning about relevant social and racial problems.”

Marcus is credited for launching the infamous “In the Box” project, which helps homeless people throughout the year. Using his influence, he promoted the idea that people should help the needy. For proof of his commitment to the cause, Marcus and his mom visited shelters to hand out supply boxes throughout the cold season.

‘FareShare,’ a nonprofit organization that Marcus started in 2020, appealed for funds to aid those at risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. They disseminated food and collected funds to combat child hunger. In response, Marcus began a campaign and gathered almost £25 million, which would have been enough to purchase around three million meals.

As a result of the epidemic, many children were educated at home, and it became apparent that the loss of subsidized school lunches would exacerbate food insecurity.

Marcus began using his Twitter handle to spread the word about establishments, individuals, and organizations supporting FareShare via donations. After getting assistance from the public, he was willing to provide 2,000 food coupons, and shortly after, local governments and companies followed suit.

Marcus’s work paid off in November when the UK government announced that it would provide roughly £450 million in aid to low-income families next year, with the majority covering food and housekeeping bills.

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Rashford also founded the ‘Marcus Rashford Club’ in late 2020. Around a hundred thousand books have been distributed by the Book Club to kids in low-income areas. At the young age of 18, Marcus says, he picked up his first novel, believing that this experience changed the path of his existence.

Marcus is just 25, and with everything he’s accomplished thus far, the world is ever more excited to see what he does next.

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