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Exclusive Interview: A 10 rupee solved many questions: In a talk with Raj who fought Against Depression!

Let us read the 10 rupees story of a motivational speaker Raj who dealt with the emotional imbalance and depression but came forward much stronger to solve the issues of others!.

Commencement of initiative against depression

The motivational speaker Raj himself dealt with depression and anxiety where he even had wrong thoughts like suicide. In these times, everyone needs someone to listen to them, and without judging, they solve their issues. However, being alone was hard for him. He wanted someone to talk to and understand him and his situation. Luckily he had his psychiatrist teachers in his college who helped him come out of it.

But, not everyone is lucky like him. Also, everyone cannot afford a psychiatrist. Thus, he wanted to be that one for all who can listen to people’s problems. Therefore, he started an initiative on 5th December 2020 where people can talk about their issues without getting judged or misbehaved. As ninety percent of our problems can resolve the moment, we speak about them. During the lockdown, many people felt alone and needed someone to listen to them. Thus, he never looked back, and now he has volunteers working with him for the cause, but what is the 10 rupee story that he started altogether?. Let’s check out below.

Ten rupees that changed the life of many!

He once read a post on Instagram that said that I would pay you a dollar if you tell me your story. It is widespread in western countries where people hold boards and tell their stories, so he thought, why not in his country?. That instigated his mind, and he got an idea to do the same thing here. He then took cardboard and wrote, Tell me your story and I will pay your Rs.10 on that. So he stood on roads for hours, and people passed by. Starting was a bit difficult, but soon people started telling their cases. Since then, he has joined many hands and helped different people deal with various problems like relationship issues, sensitive issues, etc.

One more reason behind this 10 rupee is to pass on the same note like a helping hand to many. Once Raj helped a person and gave him 10 rupees, he said to pass it on to others with help like he did. Therefore, it will make a chain of socially helping hands connected to fight depression and emotional distortions. He does everything from his pocket for the sake of helping others. But, he never forces his volunteers to pay Rs.10 to people; it all depends on their financial comfortability.

His cases motivated him to move ahead.

One of his first cases went with a psychologist as she dealt herself with some emotional trauma. She appreciated him and said that he was doing a very great job and he must continue with that. As a result, he got lots of motivation, making him work more enthusiastically towards the social cause.

Also, once, he was very tired of holding banners on roads for about five to six hours. He was about to leave for home, but then he met with a person who wanted to share his story of emotional imbalance. He had multiple issues. After listening to his story for two and a half hours, Raj forgot that he was tired. The person said that if he wouldn’t have talked to Raj, he never knew what he could do after getting home; maybe a wrong step. Hence, Raj came out as an emotional supporter at that time. He has helped countless lives till yet.

He takes both online and offline cases as, during the lockdown, no one can go out on roads, so he even started the online initiative so that people from all over India can reach out to him. He takes Zoom one-on-one sessions where people register themselves and solve their problems. He is even working on the website Listeners Army where he has multiple volunteers in various cities who take up online and offline sessions separately along with him. The website takes proper care of the security and safety of people’s information. He is taking out time for people for the sake of their goodness. Thus, doing good for people for at least five minutes is enough to save someone’s life.

Beginning struggles makes you stronger.

At first, people were confused and were uncomfortable sharing their stories. Sometimes the shops he used to stand nearby told him to go somewhere else. Also, someone called the police one day because he was standing near a shop. But, the policeman was happy when Raj told him about his helping initiative towards people and only listening to them for a social cause on the road. Still, he told him to follow some protocols while helping that should not disturb anyone’s business. Also, he listened to people without judging or shouting at them; people trusted him to share their stories. They even reach out to him on social media platforms.

Stay in touch with them!

In some cases, which are a bit severe, like bipolar disorder, he sends them to a known psychiatrist for better care as he can only provide emotional support but not professionally like a certified psychiatrist. However, so many deaths happen because of suicide, and therefore he wants to encourage people to seek help. He even checks upon the people after taking up their case that they live happily or not. As a tiny talk can change a person’s life!.

Campaigns and sessions for depression!

He reached out to women who seek emotional help on women’s day. His volunteers from all over Pune went to different locations to ask women who needed help. They spread awareness on depression, anxiety, and mental health. He even sponsored an event where he gave free lunch to people who wanted to share their stories in one-on-one sessions. He wants to expand his volunteers and make it a pan India initiative for helping people facing emotional issues. Raj is working for a social initiative that deals with depression and anxiety. He is doing it for the people and nation too.

If you are facing any sought of the problem and want someone to listen to it, do get in touch with Raj on Instagram:

Discuss to fight depression!

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