Hypothetically or maybe not, the genesis of a virtue or a legacy, something great and inspiring, comes to the great minds and souls, irrespective of the terms, that society nowadays grades a lot. The inception certainly does not differentiates on the age, whether someone is old or young; the gender, colour, nationality, language and culture, for that matter. Although undoubtedly, it is acquired through years of experience and knowledge or sometimes through a sudden lightning realisation after a life-altering situation.

Surprisingly, these scenarios have been the proven cases for the founders of a homegrown and authentic Ayurvedic brand – Avimee Herbal – run by a retro couple in Gujarat, India. The cradle of their brand and its image have been personally felt by people through stories and tales. The genuine legitimacy of Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Devi Choudhary, known as – Nanaji and Naniji, flourishes through those narratives and, undisputedly, can not be curtailed behind the technicalities or so of social media. Forsooth, it is just a medium! But it did wonders when the grandson and granddaughter-in-law of the entrepreneur couple created a foundation of their business on the web space for them.

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Nanaji, at the age of eighty-five, did the astounding. However, his strong belief in his proficiency and the effectiveness and credibility that his products carried were the things; that truthfully thrived him in his journey. Even the honest feedback from his family and friends and the thought and effort of sharing the blessings and fruits of his hard work with the world were the things that meant a lot to Nanaji in the very beginning.

Interestingly, the quest to ail the hair-fall issues of his daughter was the initial and personal home crisis that started everything and made the Ayurveda-intellect dig through his pit of knowledge about the practice, to which a plethora of people resonated with and enquired about, NON STOP. Moreover, in this stretch, Nanaji’s precious life partner also has given all her support to build what Avimee Herbal is today. Contemporarily, where our younger generations are scared to even think about opening their startups, this trending old couple is ruling them all out by building a brand out of the cure they invented for the hair grooming problems of their family.

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Undoubtedly, the Chaoudharys are also telling the youth and their vintage generation to begin, even while sitting at their homes and that initially, it does not have to be something big or a perfect final product. It can just be a kick start with a prototype, your belief in your skills, and you. It will call out to you too soon if your hard work is all worth it.

The Entrepreneurs have also made it clear to society and its binding rules that hold us together, forcefully or not, that age is just a number. It is not a curse but a blessing or a chance to be born again with numerous never-ending passions still to pursue. Nanaji and Naniji have set the standard and changed the whole concept of old age while living it with their spirit and persistence.

The single-called dream of Nanaji is to bring a smile to every face, and that is the legit fuel that is powering up this business through its challenging periods, and indeed which has taken a righteous place in the hearts of many people in less than six months. The exponential growth or overnight success was the tag that did not come easy to even Nanaji as he and his team spent countless sleepless nights and crossed hurdles to achieve the vision which he saw. The brand’s mission was to help people regrow their hair using Ayurveda when the public called them and Nanaji – a scam. After going through his shares of dues all this time, Nanaji is doing all of that with all his soul and belief, along with his entire team as they had faith in his understanding of the concept and the deed, which was virtuous.

Image Credit: Better India

The wise Nanaji also shares that nothing beats the strength of teamwork, especially when the family comes together to assist and bond through a mutual accord. The family was his most significant support in the beginning and is even now. One of the indispensable parts of Avimee Herbal is Naniji, who is now 79 years. Naniji is the one who is currently handling all the finances of the enterprise. Just like the saying goes around that no one can beat women when it comes to handling and managing the finances – Naniji is the concrete proof of that sententia. The daughter of R.K Chaoudhary, the person whose cure to hair fall gave birth to such a brand, is a house maker turned entrepreneur, standing next to his father and helping him in his zestful journey of aiding people.

The team started inventing the miracle backed by 25+ years of research in the kitchen of their house and has expanded its reigns to own a factory with all sorts of mass-producing machinery and technologies.

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