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Aditi Bhosale’s Unwavering Faith

Aditi Bhosale’s life has been shaped by her unwavering faith in destiny. The co-founder of Repos Energy, a 30-year-old entrepreneur from Pune, believes that if you believe strongly in something, it will be yours. Her entrepreneurial journey began with an ordinary occurrence when her parents tried to arrange her marriage to a mechanical engineer named Chetan. Aditi, who was planning to study in the United States, agreed to meet Chetan before leaving. Fate intervened, and she married Chetan instead. Little did they know that this union would lead to the founding of Repos Energy, a transformative startup in the energy distribution sector.

The Power Cut that Sparked an Idea

In 2017, Pune experienced a power cut that left the entire area without electricity for hours. Aditi, busy coordinating tankers at their family petrol pump in Chakan, received a book she had ordered from Amazon. As she received updates about the book’s delivery, she had an idea: What if a similar system could be applied to the energy sector? With the ever-increasing demand for fuel in India, they envisioned simplifying energy distribution and delivering fuel to doorsteps like any other commodity. This idea marked the birth of Repos Energy in 2017.

Challenges in Energy Distribution

Repos Energy aimed to revolutionize energy distribution by bringing all fuels, including liquid, gas, and electric, under one roof and making them available with just a click on a smartphone. However, they faced significant challenges. In India, delivering fuels outside of a petrol pump was not allowed. Aditi and Chetan spent months navigating bureaucratic hurdles, working with government ministries, and seeking policy changes to bring their vision to life. Their persistence paid off in 2019 when they received final approvals to create an infrastructure for mobile energy distribution.

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Repos Energy: Fueling India's Future, One Doorstep at a Time

A Meeting with Ratan Tata

Aditi and Chetan felt the need for a mentor to validate their vision. They decided to reach out to business magnate Ratan Tata, hoping for a chance to discuss their project with him. They waited outside his house in Mumbai for over 13 hours. When they received no response, they returned to their room. To their surprise, they received a call from Mr. Tata that night. He was intrigued by their idea of making energy available to the last mile through technology. Their four-hour conversation led to Mr. Tata’s offer to invest in their startup, making him the backbone of Repos Energy.

Doorstep Diesel Distribution

Repos Energy’s doorstep diesel distribution process connects sellers and buyers of diesel. Existing petrol pump owners partner with Repos Energy to offer doorstep delivery of diesel to industries. Repos provides them with mobile petrol pumps, and they obtain the necessary permissions for doorstep delivery. The innovative Datum system acts like a diesel ATM, allowing efficient diesel delivery. Repos Energy has not only streamlined fuel distribution but has also created opportunities for fuel entrepreneurs who can start their own diesel distribution ventures.

Expanding Impact

Repos Energy has rapidly expanded its presence, operating in 300 cities and deploying over 2,000 mobile petrol pumps. They have also launched mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Their manufacturing unit in Chakan produces around 900 petrol pumps every month with all safety certifications. In the last financial year, Repos Energy achieved a turnover of Rs 65 crore, marking substantial growth. The company’s success with doorstep diesel delivery has set the stage for similar solutions in other energy sectors.

Doorstep Fuel Delivery: Repos Energy's Innovation Journey

A Belief in the Power of Thought

Aditi Bhosale’s journey with Repos Energy reflects her belief in the power of thought. She believes that one’s thoughts shape their reality. Aditi’s childhood aspiration of doing great things has manifested in Repos Energy’s magical journey. With the support of Ratan Tata and a resilient belief in their vision, Aditi and Chetan have transformed the energy distribution landscape in India, one fuel at a time. Their journey continues as they aspire to bring innovative solutions to all forms of energy distribution.

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