Image Credits: CNBC

Success is all about hard work and one such example is set by a 32-year-old who built a multi-million dollar international express delivery business. He arranges delivery for the largest Southeast Asia’s retailers. Chang Wen Lai along with his two other mates like Boxian Tan and Shaun Chong made this possible after some great hard work. It was not easy, and to kick start entrepreneurship, took a big deal. It all started in 2015 when Lai along with his partners started a men’s fashion lineup business and started establishing his ideas in business.

They were overjoyed every time they had a customer. It was a delightful experience to have customers without any shop. However, it was quite a mess when the delivery time came because they had to rely on the local logistics. The time during 2015 was not much popular with eCommerce, and delivery was very much limited, unlike today. Obstacles could not stop him; he decided to do something about the delivery. He thought how easy it could be to start an own logistics system or just load the trucks and deliver the items within the given time. He sometimes found himself laughing at his ideas; after all, it was all a part of gaining experience.

Image Credits: South China Morning Post

Later in that week, the trio got a second-hand van and started using technology to start delivery service. It was so interesting that they left behind their highly paid employment. Initially, it was named Ninja Van, and they were surprised how one business can help in growing another one. From fashion line to delivery service, they were quite impressed. Soon they realized that more than fashion, modern delivery service was much more needed by the crowd. Ninja Van spread across Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It covers up the entire market and has plans to spread across Bhutan soon this year. With real-time tracking and super Ninja drivers, Ninja Van is running successfully to deliver. With 20,000 drivers, they are delivering a million parcels per day successfully.

Offering trendy and modernized logistic services, Ninja Van is sure to spread across. Gaining high popularity across various cities, Lai now focuses on profitability. The year 2018 has seen great revenue and the trio works hard to establish more and make the business more consistent and sustainable. Do you know the reason behind the success? The trio focused on solving the problem and went deep into the needs of men.

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