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We are pretty much familiar with this face and all the people know that he was one of America’s most beloved presidents. However, the journey of Abraham Lincoln towards the presidential chair wasn’t smooth enough. He had to go through several paths which were full of disaster, pain and agony. He lost total 8 elections, he had a nervous breakdown and he lost his wife at an early age. However, he succeeded to achieve his goal. Let’s see how he made it possible.

In his childhood age, he used to sleep on corn husks infested with hugs. According to his father, education was just a waste of time and he encouraged him to take up labour instead. Still Lincoln taught himself how to read and write. In his life, he attended a total of 12 months of school and had to work to support his family. He worked as a farmhand butcher, and rail splinter and giving all his earnings to his father. While working as a ferry operator at New Orleans, he was disgusted by slavery and wanted to do something about it.

So he ran for public office but lost, placing 8th out of 13 candidates. But that didn’t stop him. He worked as a postmaster during the day and stayed up late to teach himself law at night.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other”

After few years he ran for state legislature and won. He was re-elected twice more by more votes than any candidates had ever won by and became one of the most successful lawyers in town. Then he won a seat for Illinois in the U.S.Congress but was six votes shy of a seat in the Senate and neck-to-neck with another candidate.

He believed in persuasion not coercion, never ordering, only suggesting the best measure to take. He knew good leaders promoted trust so he maintained an open-door policy by spending 75% of his day meeting people. People were the best source of information. Whether that meant shaking hands with every soldier or living at the telegraph office, so he could make a timely decision as soon as he got information.

His commitment, leadership and warmth are what got him re-elected and made him one of America’s most beloved presidents.

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place then stand firm”

Chase your goal, achieve what you want, don’t stop, be a DOER!!



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