We all wanted to achieve goals that are now buried somehwere in our diaries. Every individual that has ever set a goal has failed at least once in life. There are many reasons for failure but there are only few options to success. Lets see few numbers that indicate the same.

A study conducted by Harvard Business stated that 83% population do not have goals. Out of the remainder, 14% have goals and 3% have written goals.

The 14% population is 10 times more succesful than the 83% population and the 3% population is 3 times more successful than the 14% with unwritten goals.

Achieve Goals
Image Source: ethicalleadership.nd.edu

Nobody got a degree in Achieving Dreams from their womb. People have tried and tested many ways to achieve goals and there few factors that differentiates an achiever from a non-achiever.

  1. Smaller Goals

Smart ‘goal setting’ is the key differentiator between succes and failure. Sometimes choosing impractical goals can damage your confidence. Because it creates a stigma of failure within you. To avoid that, choose a goal you think is achievable and the one closest to you heart. A goal you really care about will bring you closer to the fruition. Achieving a smaller goal will boost your morale for bigger ones to come.

  1. Reward yourself after fulfilling your commitment

To achieve goals you have to demonstrate unwavering persistence. You have to make a promise to yourself that ‘no matter what’ you will follow through. Once you have made that commitment you should adhere to it as if your life depends on it. Deprive yourself something you love beyond bounds and reward yourself once you are done with your commitment. Doing so will strengthen your resolve to fulfill it. That self proclaimed reward will act as a fuel to sustain your drive.

  1. Breaking it into daily mini-goals

Goals are intimidating. They become all the more overwhelming when the stakes are high. To overcome that, divide you goal into daily sub-goals. This will help you contain your insecurities about future. It will make you focus on today’s task. Do something everyday that brings closer to your goal.

  1. Accept the Fears and move ahead anyway.

Fear will play part in everybody’s life before success knocks on their door. Accept that fear is inevitable. But with more courage and experience in life, you will learn that ‘fear’ is the greatest illusion of all.

As Paulo Coelho famously said “Fear of suffering is greater than actual suffering”. Stay in touch with the excitement of success and you will find fear losing it’s fire in your mind. The best way to over come fear is to stop thinking and start acting towards success.

All you have to do is to break the pattern of failure once. After that it becomes your second nature.

Goal setting and Goal achieving is an art and you master it experience. It’s not something you are born with. Goal setting is the arsenal of super achievers.

It’s their life blood of success. They take it more seriously than others and that’s what sets them apart from others.

Invest your creative energies in this art and life will surprise you with all the accolades you ever desired.


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