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Ritu Jaiswal left her cozy life behind to uplift the marginalized villagers of Bihar

Leaving behind comfort, IAS Officer’s wife is all determined to develop rural India.

India develops with the development of its villages. It takes one positive mind to transform and develop a rural area. Despite huge development plans, nothing meaningful has happened to rural India. A positive mind is enough to change the future of a particular village. Ritu Jaiswal (40) is married to an IAS officer, an incredible woman all set to transform and develop a village, leaving her luxurious life. She is seen as a woman with great strength and dedication. Ritu left her opulent lifestyle behind to develop the village Singhwahini, Bihar. Sounds surprising right? Well, such real-life inspirations are nothing less than our man-made saviors, superman, and batman!

Image Source: The Print

Villagers trusted her and she completely changed the face of the entire village, being the village Mukhiya. The efforts have transformed the village into a place of peace and justice. For Ritu, social service was engraved in her, since childhood. She has spent her childhood in Bihar and has always aspired to change the scenario of rural India. Since childhood, she has been an active participant in rural campaigns, helping the poor and donations. A woman with a pure heart is not born in a day, as a child, she proved that. She assisted and helped every villager in every possible way during her graduation years.

Ritu did not wait for government funds and campaigns; rather she started working for her village immediately after her graduation. Various village problems were solved by Ritu, using her pocket expenses. Seeing her efforts, the villagers helped her to construct new roads in the village. With her effort, the village could communicate easily. Consistent efforts helped the village to access electricity for their household. The villagers trusted and relied on her as they believed she could change the fate of Singhwahini.

Image Source: Better India

In the year 2016, on request of the villagers Ritu participated in the Singhwahini panchayat elections and she won. Singhwahini has full faith in its present mukhiya, Ritu Jaiswal. She developed a women army, education system, and open defecation free.

Leaving behind family and children is never an easy decision for many women in India. Her determined behaviour to change rural India was incredible.

She is an example to every woman, showing how a positive approach can change the whole scenario. A woman with a golden heart is always known for her courage and dedication. Following the footsteps of such incredible people, one can aspire to bring changes in society.

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