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A little act of your own can mean taking responsibility for more than what you have on your plate. There will be hurdles at every point of life, and face situations of financial crisis too. However, things are different for those that have risked their fruitful career to make the lives of others better. For Vishal Singh, money was not an aim. He gave up his bright IIT degree to serve humanity and care for those that needed it. Being graduated from IIT Kharagpur, he was supposed to earn a handsome salary. His father was a farmer and mother being a homemaker, he had faced various financial hurdle. He took this as a challenge to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

Left his comfortable life, he wanted to offer the basics of life to those that were needy. He tried to boost the social and economic lifestyle of the poor people. He wanted to create a society where everyone could get the education and proper nutrition. Especially the orphans, he wanted to do something for them. Taking the initiative of his friends, he started a non-governmental organization named Kaivalya Vichar Seva Samiti in Uttar Pradesh. This non-governmental organization was designed to meet the needs of the orphanage and those that needed it.

He took up a bone-breaking challenge to enable the villagers to take education seriously. He went from door to door to convince the villagers to send their children to schools. The villagers were very reluctant to consider education seriously and took it very casually. He helped the students of West Bengal, by offering them free education classes in the evening. With just 6000 rupees in hand, he started serving. The aim was free education, free food, free clothing, and free health check-ups for those who needed it.

Little did he care about his comfort and luxury, this IIT pass out had different plans to change the society. He thought there are several such people from a reputed organization with such an initiative. He took help from such a prestigious organization to help him in such an initiative. By 2014, he was able to cater to education and economic needs to 2500 people. 2015, Vishal received more than 400 volunteers from different universities like IIT Bhubaneswar, NIT Jamshedpur, Banaras Hindu University, and Allahabad University.

He is helping the rural areas to develop and sustain growth and development. Vishal feels that there is no job taken for granted if done in a dedicated manner.

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