Franz Anton Beckenbauer, Football, Be A Doer, Inspiring, Influencer
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Franz Anton Beckenbauer, the name spells elegant style and excellent leadership skill on the field. He’s widely known as one of the greatest footballers in the history of sports. Yes, this German defender created history by his passion for the game and urge to win for his motherland. Do you know apart from god gifted skill what made him world famous? Then you should read this story for sure.

It was the story of semi-final match World Cup 1970 in Mexico, Germany was playing against the toughest side Italy. It was pretty impossible to break their coordination and they’re surely unstoppable at that time. At a very early stage of the match Beckenbauer was heavily strapped with his right arm in a sling, however, he refused to give up. In spite of having immense pain on his shoulder, he refused to be substituted and he played till the last whistle of the match. Though Germany lost to Italy 4-3 after a fabulous exhibition of the strong mindset, Beckenbauer became the hero to the entire world for his strong determination and love for his country.

It’s not the strong one that wins. The one that wins is strong!

He couldn’t win that day, however, he lifted the trophy 4 years later in 1974 at West Germany. Guys, it’s not just a simple story of a footballer, it’s the story of honesty, passion and self-confidence. Beckenbauer prooved that human being can be paralyzed through body parts but not from the mind. If you have a strong mindset then nothing can stop you. Be strong, be determined, be a DOER!!

Franz Anton Beckenbauer, Football, Be A Doer, Inspiring, Influencer
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