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Strength helps to rise even during the most gruesome period of life. She was lying in the hospital bed, badly wounded. Being tortured and brutally wounded by her husband, what would she wish to live for? The answer was motherhood. Despite being tortured by her husband, she chose to live for her children and live a life that has meaning. This strength led to an empire that makes millions of rupees and gives employment to thousand. Bharati Sumaria, belonged to a middle-class family from the outskirts of Mumbai. She was not allowed to study after class 10 and was married off.

After marriage, Bharati gave birth to a baby girl and soon twins boys. It was very quick for her to go for successive deliveries forced by her husband. She was beaten up every day by her husband and without any reason. He did not work, earned money by selling the properties given by his father. Every alternate day Bharati had to be hospitalized being injured and badly wounded. Being left with no option, she locked her inside a room and was tortured every next day. There was no interaction that she had with the outside world. Her children were a ray of home and they encouraged her to live. On discussion with her brother, she decided to work for her children.

Image Credits: KenFolios

In 2005, she started a factory where she manufactured toothbrushes, boxes, and tiffin boxes. Her father took up a loan of 6 lakhs rupees to help her with financial support. More than money and profit, work took her out from depression and she was happy. Even then the torture did not stop, and she was always tortured. She did not get any help from the local police as there was no power connection or source. After three years Bharati stepped alone and started another big unit focusing on the PET preform where they manufactured plastic bottles. She personally worked on quality control ensuring high value and customer satisfaction. This earned her a great reputation and very soon she began to take orders from Cipla and Bisleri.

In the year 2014, her husband attacked her once more and it was inside the factory. However, this was the last time her children asked their father to go away from their life. Now, this lady has 4 factories that amount to 5 crores and lives happily with her children.

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