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From Local to Global: Burger Singh's Rise as an Indian Fast-Food Chain test

Burger Singh is a homegrown Indian fast-food chain that is competing with international food giants like McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway. The chain was founded by Kabir Jeet Singh in 2014 with the aim of offering a taste of India to the masses.

Kabir Jeet Singh was inspired to start Burger Singh after noticing a lack of quality fast-food options in India. He felt that most fast-food chains were either too expensive or lacked the Indian flavors that people craved. He decided to start his own fast-food chain that would offer high-quality burgers with an Indian twist.

Burger Singh has been successful in attracting customers with its unique menu, which includes burgers like the “Bharat” burger, made with paneer, and the “Aloo Tikki” burger, made with a spicy potato patty. The chain also offers a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Burger Singh has faced many challenges in its quest to become a major player in the fast-food industry. One of the biggest challenges has been competition from established international chains. However, the chain has been able to compete by offering unique menu items and focusing on quality.

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 "Competing in the Big League: Burger Singh's Journey as an Indian Fast-Food Challenger"
Image Credit : Mint

In addition to its unique menu, Burger Singh has also embraced technology to streamline its operations. The chain has developed its own app, which allows customers to order food online and track their orders in real-time. This has helped to improve efficiency and reduce wait times for customers.

Burger Singh has also focused on expanding its reach through franchising. The chain now has over 40 outlets across India and plans to expand further in the coming years. The franchise model has helped the chain to scale up quickly while also maintaining quality and consistency across all its outlets.

Overall, Burger Singh is a success story of an Indian startup that has been able to take on established international players in the fast-food industry. The chain’s unique menu, focus on quality, and embrace of technology have helped it to attract customers and grow rapidly. With plans for further expansion, Burger Singh is poised to become a major player in the Indian fast-food industry.

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