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Business networking is the fastest way to be successful in your career

The one common thing that every successful person thrives on is – Business Networking. They believe that their networth is directly proportional to their network. A network could be an experts group, a friendly alliance or a team of advisors. Whatever you call it but no man can attain all the success just on his own. Success is a social concept and it’s only possible through participation and co-operation.

Business Networking is the Collective power of people.
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Key steps:

  1. People first attitude

One needs to start networking with the selfless principle of helping others. A successful person works towards benefiting others first. Invest yourself with the spirit of generosity. An honest effort will give you more returns in future.

  1. Learning about people

Learn more about the people you want in your network. Researching about them might give you interesting insights about them. Doing so will help you connect better when you meet them. Not to mention the increase in recall value of your meeting.

  1. True intent of Friendship

Any kind of networking approach that keeps score will never work for anybody. The whole idea of networking should derive out of pure intent of friendship. We don’t use our real friends, do we? That’s no friendship at all. It’s all about building long lasting relationships that promises mutual growth.

  1. Get over fake small talk

No one likes people who start with silly small talk and end up blatantly asking for a favor. That’s impolite and unpleasant. It doesn’t make the other person want to help you. Be open and honest about the conversation. Stop boring people and let the Ben Franklin (link it) effect work on it’s own.

  1. Work with Mentors

Business Networking is an ongoing learning process. The best way to learn is to learn from another person. Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. These are the people who will help you connect with more people. But, more than that, they will positively influence you to build greater and stronger relationships.

To build long lasting trust you need to start networking right now, when you need the least. Asking favours when you ‘need’ is like buying insurance after the accident. Invest yourself in networking now so that you can reap the benefits later.

Accelerate your career with collective power of people. Create a blend of many minds into a Mastermind group. Think of it as a collection of many computers connected together to create a Super Computer. One that can solve many complex problems with greater ease.


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