Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, yes, we all know that. But have you ever thought how much a cigarette butt is injurious to the environment? Most of the smokers in India don’t know that the cigarette butts they throw everywhere are not made of cotton or paper; rather the butts of cigarettes are made of plastic and can harm the environment as much as a plastic bag does. A smoker on an average smokes around 3-4 cigarettes a day, considering the number of smokers in our country this is a huge environmental issue that we normally ignore. Vishal and Naman, both in their twenties noticed this issue one day and after doing extensive research on this they realized that no organization was tackling with this. Hence, they decided to start a company which would recycle cigarette waste. The company ‘Code’ started to collect cigarette butts from different places and different people. With time they added more people with their company and started to pay in return of cigarette butts and waste to increase their reach. CODE Enterprises LLP | LBB, Delhi Image source: The founders further revealed in their interviews that they recycle every bit of cigarette from tobacco to butt and make stuff toys and cushions for kids with the recycled stuff. They said that the procedure includes safe and approved chemical use and prior laboratory test done by Bureau of Indian Standards to ensure that the stuffing is safe for children to use. Isn’t that an incredible thing? Who would have thought that a cigarette butt can be a stuff toy one day? Code provides a variety of facilities to its customers, they can subscribe to get proper cigarette bins and 15 day guaranteed pickup from their doorsteps. Code customers are mostly cigarette sellers who encourage people to throw the butts of cigarettes in bins. The company has not only saved the ecological environment of our country but also in a way has created passive earning for people who choose to join with them in this journey. Naman is a Delhi University graduate and Vishal is an engineer by profession and both have worked hard to take their company to a level of recognition. Other companies have started to avail their services and as expected by both of them they will take this wonderful campaign ahead by contributing more to the country. This success story exemplify the fact that businesses need not flourish at the cost of environment. Profit making and Ecological conservation can go hand in hand. CODE is a living testament that what’s good for the planet is also good for the balance sheet.

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