Academic success and educational degrees are taken as essential for growth and success. However, to be an entrepreneur little does it need to do anything with success? There are challenging stereotypes that focus on marks and degrees. However what good does it do to an entrepreneur for spending lakhs of money on a prestigious institution? To be something in life, you don’t need to rely completely on a degree. Stories like Jimmy Mistry can be mind-changing and they can actually change the always believed stereotypes.

He was born and brought up in a middle-class Parsi family and his father worked as a salesperson for almost 33 years of his life. He was studying engineering but did not find any interest in getting knowledge and a degree. There was an old bike parked at the home garage, he decided to sell that. He sold it for 20000 rupees to start something of his own. With dedication and willpower, you can surely get started to flourish and make a difference. He established his company that focused on household needs like plumbing. Soon with his hard work the company gained recognition and started taking orders for work. Being amazed by luxury furniture, he partnered with Italian furniture companies to introduce new things in the market. He started his showroom in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. He started dealing with luxurious furniture for a household.

The only thing that helped him going was his aim to expand. He worked relentlessly to expand and offer new and better furniture models for his customers. Soon he came to be known as the best minds in India for building new ideas and designs. His company Della Technica started with luxurious furniture for all parts of Mumbai. He started getting orders from hotels, restaurants, spas, and villas. There were families that approached him for work and he was overwhelmed with the response.

Moreover, Jimmy started settings up to one of India’s largest galleries of luxurious interior products showcasing all pin-to-piano of home designing for Home, Office, Hotels, and others. Jimmy is now a public figure and also a very well-known speaker is often invited to speak and talk about ‘Designs’ at the various eminent platforms.

A small company with a capital of just 20000 rupees has got him to crores now. He started with a team of two and now he employs on a large scale. He is a true inspiration to all those looking out for catering to needs and polishing the skills they have. A degree is a just myth to success.

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