The fastest-growing tea franchise in India, ‘Chaai Seth’ is created by young entrepreneur Arpit Raj, 24, of Delhi. He is a native of Bihar and comes from an upper middle class background. He even quit his well-paying job to launch this business.

In the bachelor’s degree level, Arpit studied hospitality, tourism, and travel. He just finished his MBA and has several businesses and lives in Delhi. Wynswell Global Services, a company that offers business, management, and tax assistance, and “A2Z Medicals” are among the other businesses. Also, he leads the East India Entrepreneurs Associations, a group of over 150 businesspeople.

In 2015, while pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Shillong, Meghalaya, Arpit launched Chaai Seth. To start a small Tea tapri, he and his friends pooled their money of Rs 50,000–60,000. No brand name could be identified. It had only just started. After completing his studies, he was hired by a start-up company, therefore he was forced to return to Delhi in 2017. He left his job in 2019 before going back to his old venture in Shillong. And, that’s how Chaai Seth was created!

All of them were teens when they founded the company, and most teenagers are tea addicts and people in Shillong were yearning for clean environments. That’s when they made the decision to try something new and developed the concept of late-night meal deliveries, which they also provided at IIM and NIFT. They didn’t like the food in their area, therefore they decided to work in the food industry. Chai was their first choice because it is a much loved beverage among people of all age groups. Even though they were from different regions of India, everyone shared a cup of tea.

Arpit met Prateek from KPMG and a group of friends who shared his interests, including himself. Together, they chose the name “Chaai Seth.” Thus, the business was properly established in August 2019.

They manage the business via franchise partners spread out around the nation. They offer complete help, including raw materials and staff. The partners take care of everything with just a budget of 7-8 lakhs. Coffee is a specialty of their parent company, Bractburd Food and Beverage Pvt Ltd. With a target of 12–14 crore by 2022–2023, the company’s current revenue in 2011–22 was between 3.5–4 crore. They want to swiftly grow their franchise network and establish themselves as a household name.

They are now aiming to reach every nook and corners of India through their own and franchise outlets where they seem to provide healthy, hygienic, tasty, and affordable food and beverage experience to customers.

Uniqueness Of Chaai Seth

“We keep on experimenting with new things as the market keeps on upgrading every day! We keep on updating new things, and probably we are the only brand in India with unique recipes provided with tea”, said Arpit Raj.

As the company became fully operational, they progressively expanded and now provide 25 different kinds of tea, including rose tea, masala tea, mango tea, banana tea, guava tea, pan tea, etc. They also serve coffee, burgers, fritters, and a variety of other foods in addition to tea. It offers more than simply tea; it also includes a quick service restaurant, according to Arpit.

The four pillars of the food industry, according to Arpit, are standard, flavour, quality, and hygiene. Following the covid epidemic, hygiene gained attention. These four items are what they offer every day. The food is served by staff who are wearing masks, with impeccable hygiene standards.

The fact that we serve tea in kulhars is another distinctive feature of Chaai Seth. Customers view taste as originality, and since they operate their businesses through franchise partners, the support we offer is what distinguishes our business from others.

Arpit claims that the emotion of tea unites individuals. “One sip, million emotions” is the company’s slogan. Everything’s better with tea. According to him, tea is a part of our daily or everyday lives in some way. Everybody gets two days of free tea whenever a new store debuts.

Goal and Mission

Arpit’s main goal is to expand this company internationally. Moreover, enhance the environment where people congregate. Additionally, he hopes to foster in them an entrepreneurial mentality. Employment prospects will improve with more franchise partners. Chaai Seth is worried about the widespread problem of unemployment. Those who are uneducated or only semi-literate can find work through Chaai Seth.

Additionally, they buy the Kulhars they use to serve tea from peasants in Uttar Pradesh who sell them for as cheap as 50 rupees per day. “So I’m extremely glad to buy the Kulhars from them”.

Future Aspiring Plans

He advised budding business owners to launch their ventures right away rather than waiting for the ideal circumstance. Never will the odds be on your side. Learn from your mistakes and the missteps of industry leaders.

Arpit is inspired by his father, a teacher by profession and a part-time business owner.

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