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Image Credits- Startup Life

The business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani reached Mumbai with Rs 500/- and he built 75 billion empires by the time of his demise. It’s surely one of the best success stories in this earth. However, to achieve this empire he had to go through many hurdles with risks. Today I want to narrate one small and interesting story in his early days in Mumbai.

Dhirubhai had the habit of an evening walk with his friends near the Gateway of India and during his evening walks, he would like to go to Taj hotel for a cup of tea. It was around 50 bucks to spend for a cup of tea at Taj at that time and only famous & rich people could afford that. However, his friends were surprised to see this act of having expensive tea at a luxury hotel. They used to have tea at the roadside by spending only 5 bucks.

One day one of Dhirubhai’s friends asked him the reason for paying so much for a cup of tea. Dhirubhai replied:

“I am paying 5 bucks for the tea and another 45 bucks because the Taj gives me an opportunity to connect with the city’s most influential people ! Its not about the tea; its about acquainting myself and developing relationships with the people who really count !”

This is the truly insane and commendable approach towards success. The nature of thought process some times indicate the future of a personality. Guys, think big, think fast, think ahead, be a DOER!!

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