Dhyan Chand, Hockey legend, Indian Sports, Hitler, Inspiration, Doer
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Friends, today I would like to share one motivational story which can impact your life and which can change your thinking altogether. This incident happened in 1936 in Germany. Hope you all read about legendary hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, the magician of hockey. His actual name was Lance Nayak Dhyan Singh. He had tremendous skill in hockey. He used to practice at night as well under the moonlight, so he was known for “Dhyan Chand”.

It was the final match between India vs Germany at Berlin Olympic in 1936. There were 25 thousand people in the stadium to experience the thrill of Dhyan Chand VS Germany and Dhyan Chand was in his usual form. India just smashed Germany in their home ground by 16-01, 15 goals were scored by Dhyan Chand himself. A newspaper report about India’s triumph said,

This is not a game of hockey, but magic. Dhyan Chand is in fact the magician of hockey.

The great dictator of the world Adolf Hitler was present in the ground and he couldn’t believe the reality which was happening in front of him. Germany totally failed to control one person. After the match, he came down to the field and claimed that there could be a magnet in Dhyan Chand’s hockey stick. He ordered to break the stick and investigate in front of him. However, their investigation went in vain as they couldn’t find any magnetic element in the sticks. Hitler was mesmerized and invited Dhyan Chand at his palace for dinner.

Dhyan Chand, Hockey legend, Indian Sports, Hitler, Inspiration, Doer
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Dhayn Chand went to Hitler’s palace and they had a good dinner with conversations. When Hitler got to know that apart from hockey, Dhyan Chand was only a Subedar in the Indian army, he offered him to come to Germany and play hockey for his country and he would be the Air Field Marshal in German Air force. Also, he told him that his talent won’t be justified in India. Can you imagine the intensity of this offer and that too from the world’s most powerful person? However, Dhyan Chand rejected the offer and politely replied to Hitler that:

“It’s not my country’s responsibility to move me forward, it’s my responsibility to move my country forward and I’ll play only for my country”.

Well sometimes in life, no matter how great the offer is, you have to refuse it, because something more important, something more meaningful than life is waiting for you! for Dhyan Chand, it was his country “INDIA”.


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