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Temur Dadiani lost both his legs in a landmine accident in Afghanistan Free Porn

Breaking Guinness world records is the hottest fitness trend on YouTube. While all are highly commendable, some touch your heart. Here is the story of a double amputee Temur Dadiani, who completed 36 repetitions of planche push-ups in only 38.25 seconds on August 3, 2014. Then in October 2015 at Tbilisi, Georgia, he broke his own record by completing 44 push-ups in a minute. 

In 2020, Austin Dunham decided to break Temur Dadiani’s record. Despite him being a healthy individual, he could only endure up to 24 planche push-ups. It only proves the endurance level, grit, and determination of Temur Dadiani, the soldier who lost both legs. Temur has created a world record that is difficult to break. 

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Corporal Temur Dadiani, a 23-year-old soldier, survived but lost both his legs when a landmine exploded on his patrol in Helmand Province in Afghanistan on August 3, 2011. 

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Since then, Temur has returned to Georgia and serves at the National Defence Academy. He is also actively involved in various sports competitions. The determined soldier refuses to accept defeat.

Tbilisi, Georgia. 3rd August 2014 — Vakhtang Kapanadze, Chief of General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces speaks with double amputee soldier Temur Dadiani after he set a Guinness World Record in “planche push-ups”. Image credits: Daily Mail UK

His advent into the field of world records happened three years after the explosion. Temur Dadiani did 37 push-ups in 38.25 seconds, thrice exceeding the Guinness Book existing record of 10 push-ups. 

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In 2015, at Tbilisi, Georgia, Temur completed 44 push-ups in a minute to break his 2014 Guinness World Record. 

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Cpl. Dadiani now can ski using specially fitted skiing equipment.

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Cpl. Temur Dadiani owes his level of physical fitness to friends who most willingly train with him each day at the Academy. Hours of endurance training have helped Temur stay both mentally and physically fit.

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Temur enjoys horse riding. Today, Temur is as comfortable on a saddle as he is sitting on a chair. His riding skills are commendable.

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Dadiani is not just great on land, he has proven his sporting prowess in water too. Temur learned to windsurf once again with his special mechanized legs. Like, Masudur Baidya, someday he may even swim the English Channel.

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For Cpl. Temur Dadiani sky is the limit. The young amputee cannot be stopped. He continues to train harder to break his own record one more time.

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Temur the bravest soldier continues to walk ahead in life. He has shown us the true meaning of ‘Nothing is Impossible’.

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