A singer she was, she is and will be as well in the future – Sonalli Mahhar proved to everyone that chasing dreams with your approaches is far better than stereotypically chasing them. She is a vibrant and spirited Indian girl from the mountains who rose from being a dentist to a singer-songwriter-composer without climbing the stereotyped ladder set by time and society. From realising her passion at a young age, dreaming of creating her discography, covering songs in the most unique ways, releasing originals, and getting recognised by her inspirations like the famous American rapper, songwriter and singer, Raja Kumari – Sonalli has finally achieved the milestone of debuting with her solo. In the podcast, she has dismantled her journey behind achieving the first step of success so that she can aspire to the younger generation and anyone who wants to pursue music but still thinks that auditioning and succeeding in reality singing competitions are the only way to make it as a singer in this country.

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