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Happilo's Vikas D Nahar: From Rs 10,000 to Rs 500 Crore - A Story of Entrepreneurial Success Free Porn

The recently added shark in Sony TV’s Shark Tank season 2, Vikas D Nahar, is the co-founder and CEO of Happilo, a leading player in India’s dry fruit and nut business in recent times. Happilo International Private Limited is one of the first few companies to realise the potential of snacking as a healthy substitute. Since its inception, Happilo has diversified its products, starting from Rs 20 snack pack.

In order to serve our customers and make sure that no one is denied access to nutrient-dense foods, we founded Happilo. I’m glad of the brand’s longevity and the positive reception Happilo has received from customers. I simply want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the brand and believed in it. Without our customers and stakeholders, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” says Vikas D. Nahar, the Co-founder and CEO of Happilo.

Big things often have small beginnings“- This statement accurately sums up Vikas D. Nahar, the man behind Happilo. Happilo was founded with a meagre loan that Vikas took from his wife of Rs 10,000, and it has since developed into a prosperous business that employs lakhs of people. Nahar’s Happilo tripled in size under his strategic direction and diversified into new industries like financial development, startup support, efficient R&D, and innovative product development. A graduate of Bangalore University in 2005, Vikas started his career by working in the Jain group. Being from a family with a farming background, he always had the natural inclination to create an empire of dry fruit-selling companies of his own.

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Running a startup is a marathon, not a sprint! The roots of entrepreneurship were planted in me during my early years, as I watched my father and his brother started their own businesses from scratch. I learned from him and from life that the secrets to success are perseverance, bravery, and patience,’ says Vikas.

Nahar joined Satvik Speciality Foods as the Managing Director after completing his MBA at Symbiosis International University. His time at Satvik was a valuable foundation for Happilo in many respects. He assisted in the company’s expansion to include about 40 different dry fruit kinds, 100 different chocolate varieties, and 60 different spice varieties. Happilo now offers its customers high-quality, calorie-efficient, and nutrient-dense snacks.

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Happilo modulated a unique working style to include the effort of farmers and the concern for the good health of individuals on the same page. Happilo purchases its products directly from regional farmers worldwide, and each one is uniquely hand-picked. Additionally, Nahar has always wished to impact the world and support women in the workforce positively. Currently, women make up about 80% of Happilo’s staff. As a wise leader, Nahar acknowledges women’s assistance and gives them credit for the brand’s success. Today the brand is a well-known D2C brand for seeds, nuts, berries, and dry fruits. Happilo is prepared to establish itself in a variety of markets and is doing so by showcasing its participation in a range of pursuits, such as owning a DT Motor Sports Team and collaborating with an Indian Kabaddi Team and a Bollywood Film. Happilo is making a significant investment in Indian sports. The company has a partnership with a racing team and the Haryana Steeler’s Kabaddi Team and is actively collaborating with numerous other endeavours.

The journey from Rs 10,000 to Rs 500 crore has been possible due to Nahar’s innate courage to stand out of the normal and pave a rugged path from scratch to cash!

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