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Make money with these simple steps and turn your desires into cash Free Porn


Ever since we moved away from barter exchange, money has been the ruling planet in our lives. Money is omnipresent and nothing moves without it. We all want to make money, become rich and quit the ‘Rat Race’.Who doesn’t wish to lead a happy and comfortable life?

However, merely ‘wishing’ will not bring riches. We have to understand the difference between wishful thinking and burning desire. Again, we will find millions of people with burning desire to make money but with no action at all, hence no riches.

To summarize the teachings of great masters and thinkers like Wallace Wattles, Paul J Getty, Charles Hannel, Benjamin Graham and many more, there are six steps to attain the riches that you desire.

These definite, practical steps will help you channelize your burning desire into financial rewards:

Step 1: Quantify the money you want

“I want to be rich” or “I want loads of money” is not going to work. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire. Without definiteness of purpose it’s impossible to achieve your goal. Be definite as to the amount.

Step 2: Value you will provide in return

There is no such reality as something for nothing. Determine what service, value addition or solution you will provide to earn the definite sum of money you desire.

Step 3: Definite deadline

Every race, every goal based event has a timeline and a deadline. Most of the failures in attaining riches happen due to absence of target dates. Fix a practical date that is believable to you and align the bow of your ship towards the date.

Step 4: Concrete Plan

Create a clear and simple plan to achieve the amount of money that you desire. There are no perfect or foolproof plans. Get advice from the people you trust and begin at once to put your plan into action.

Step 5: Mission Statement

Write out a clear, concise statement of the money you desire to earn, put the time limit for its acquisition, mention what you intend to give in return of the money and describe the plan clearly through which you intend to accumulate it.

Step 6: Self Programming

Read your mission statement aloud, once in the morning and second before retiring to bed. Affirming yourself everyday about your goals and rewards will sustain the ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ within you. Keeping in touch with your mission statement will tell you a lot about the intensity of your desire. Higher the intensity, higher the chances to make money.

This six step process helps you to move away from wishful thinking and gain a crystalized approach towards prosperity. You might fail at first but with unwavering persistence, it’s not quite difficult to become rich in life.

It may further help to know that these simple steps to make money were carefully scrutinized and approved by giants like Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison.



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