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Image Credits-FC Barcelona

Monsoon and Football are the inseparable part of India. When someone walks through the ground it could be a revelation with children kicking a ball in the slush. This is the game at the grass root level.

Inspiration to play football was always in our blood, however, few footballers came in this world who boosted that inspiration to the highest level. Yes, Diego Armando Maradona is one of them. His ultimate skill with the ball was such amazing scenes that we feel someone depicts poetry on the ground. He was from a very poor family and he was the fifth child and, first child of his parents. At the age of 12, he amused spectators by showcasing his god gifted wizardry with the ball during the half time of the match. This way he started earning for his family.

The whole world was experienced his super talent during Mexico World cup in 1986. He was the captain and throughout the tournament, he showed his dominance. He played every match, every minute of every Argentina game. Spectators were mesmerized by experiencing his skill, stamina, love for football and love for his country as well. He won this world cup with style and due to his strategy Argentina reached final to the next World cup (1990, Italy), however, this time they have finished the tournament as a runner up.

“Maradona, turns like a little eel and comes away from trouble, little squat man… comes inside Butcher and leaves him for dead, outside Fenwick and leaves him for dead, and puts the ball away… and that is why Maradona is the greatest player in the world.”
—Bryon Butler BBC Radio commentary on Maradona’s second goal against England, Mexico 1986.

After these two world cup tournaments, the model of contemporary football was totally changed. He inspired all the footballers in this world and they were made to learn the skill like Maradona. The business and structure of the club tournaments were highly modified based on the skill set as Maradona was the hero of different club football as well.

“Even if I played for a million years, I’d never come close to Maradona. Not that I’d want to anyway. He’s the greatest there’s ever been.”
—Lionel Messi.

Guys, this is just an example of how a little boy changed the world overnight with his skills and extreme focus. If we apply this in our life, we’ll definitely be the part of success stories. Focus on your dream, be the change and be a DOER!!

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