Swimming is a sport, where you need high mental and physical fitness. By using your arms and legs you can move the body through water. It demands high physical strength to achieve the goal. But one person came to this world who crossed the extreme level in spite of high physical disabilities. Meet Masudur Baidya who created history by crossing the English Channel without his legs. His body didn’t permit him to swim but he didn’t give up.

Masudur Baidya, Swimmer,Inspiring story, DOER, Be a doer, inspirational

He was born in 1968 at a remote village in West Bengal. He belonged to an extremely poor family and at the age of 10, he lost his two legs in a train accident. He had a passion to swim and in spite of physical disabilities, he stood first in a swimming event organized by the Artificial Limb Center at Pune. He also took part in several swimming competitions and set records. In 1997, he became the first physically challenged Asian swimmer to cross the English Channel. After four years, in the year 2001, he set the history by crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. In order to achieve this feat, he had to swim from Tarifa islands in Spain to the shores of Morocco, a total distance of 22 Kms. Without having strong determination and courage, it wasn’t possible for a physically challenged person.

Every person was amazed after hearing this success story and great Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar came to meet him at Kolkata and said:

“They are the real heroes and their life is like an inspiration to all of us”.

Masudur Baidya, Swimmer,Inspiring story, DOER, Be a doer, inspirational
Source: Hindustan Times

Masudur died in 2015 at a hospital in Kolkata. In an interview Masudur Rahman said:

“It is absolutely possible for People with physical disabilities to do things better than normal people. But you have to be dedicated to your cause”

Hope this story would definitely motivate you. Be mentally strong, be positive in your life, be a DOER!!

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