Harsh Kedia, the young entrepreneur from Mumbai who featured in several newspapers, magazines, and television, gained popularity with India’s first diabetic dessert brand. The graduate (Batch 2017) from Symbiosis School of Economics is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, teacher, motivational speaker, and author. In 2017, he founded his first and most famous brand A Diabetic Chef, specializing in diabetic-friendly chocolates. He even set up two other entrepreneurial ventures—House Of Kedi for gender-fluid and gender-neutral clothes and Brand and Butter, offering digital solutions. In 2019, he was the Chief Marketing Officer for Mooch Design Studio. Today, the 4-time TEDx speaker is the author of the book – Journal of a Serial Entrepreneur. He is also a food consultant to a hospital chain with 240 clinics. 

A sweet beginning

When 8-year-old Harsh tried his hand at cooking for the first time, he knew this is what he wanted to do. He started to sneak into the kitchen to imitate the dishes his mother cooked for him. Over time, he preferred playing with flavors instead of playing cricket with friends. But at the age of 14, when he accidentally discovered he had Type 2 diabetes, a lifestyle disease, his world tumbled. The budding master chef who loved to cook and eat had hundreds of restrictions put on his diet.

Image credits: A Diabetic Chef

Turning tragedy into a trademark

Harsh knew there were thousands like him suffering from diabetes who could not enjoy brownies, cookies, chocolates, and more. He knew he had to do something about it.

While he went to study economics at Symbiosis, he took with him his culinary skill too. There he saved up to buy an oven from a friend and continued experimenting with new diabetic-friendly food. He participated in a college fest where his sugar-free brownies sold like hotcakes. He even enrolled his name at the Symbiosis School of Economics’ B-Plan competition, where he presented “A Diabetic Chef” — a restaurant that sells diabetic-friendly sweets. To his utter astonishment, he won INR 3 lakhs and even got angel investors to fund his entrepreneurial food business. In 2017, A Diabetic Chef was born!

In October 2020, A Diabetic Chef introduced Indians to the best Belgian dark chocolates infused with stevia’. These chocolates and more are available across 30+ stores in major metropolitan cities and sold online through 40+ eCommerce websites.

Desserts are not bad, food habits are! 

Harsh believes the key to good health, especially for diabetics, is portion control. According to him, eat everything but in moderation. He says, ‘Incorporating more fruits, nuts, vegetables, and eggs in your diet is essential. One shouldn’t go too heavy on refined carbs such as rice, bread, or pasta. Also, keep either a bar of dark chocolate, protein bar, some digestive biscuits, or even roasted nuts like almonds on with you at all times. Sometimes, when the blood sugar drops, eat a little chocolate to stabilise your blood sugar. Don’t go to sleep just like that.’

Image credits: Forbes India

The rising star

Harsh has never looked back since his first love – food. He founded other startups with new ideas and grit but continued to invent, improve and invest in A Diabetic Chef. In 2021, Harsh Kedia appeared in the prestigious 30 under 30 list by Forbes India. 

This young lad definitely has his plate full!

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