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Learn the Art of Selling from the Basketball Legend- Michael Jordon

We all know Michael Jordan as a basketball player who holds several records in the basketball profession. However, you would be surprised to know that Jordon has the superb skill to sell products. He’s a very good businessman too and he had this talent from childhood. I just wanted to narrate one short story from his childhood time which clearly shows his determination and passion to accomplish a job with positive thinking.

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Michael Jordon was born in a very poor family in Brooklyn in 1963. He had 4 siblings and it was very difficult for his parents to run the family. One day his father called him and gave him a white old T-shirt, then he asked Jordon what could be the price of that old t-shirt and Jordon replied after few minutes that it could be $1. Then his father asked him to sell that in $2. Michael started thinking about how he could sell that in double price. Guys just concentrate the fact here, Jordon didn’t say it’s impossible but he started thinking how to make it possible. Then he washed the t-shirt and ironed it and went to the market.  At last, he sold it at the railway station for $2 after prowling here & there and it took 8 hours to sell that particular t-shirt, but he wasn’t demotivated. He returned home with joy and his father was very happy.

A few days later his father called him again and asked him to sell the same one dollar t-shirt, but this time the selling value is increased to 20 Dollars. Jordan was surprised and he started thinking about how to sell that in 20 Dollars. After one day he consulted one of his friends and swiftly passed a Mickey Mouse sticker on the t-shirt and then he went to sell it near a school of highly aristocrat society. After spending four hours at the school gate he managed to sell that in $20 and he received an extra $5 tip from buyer’s parents. He was very happy and gave 25 Dollars to his father. His father couldn’t imagine that and he cried in front of Jordan.

A few days later again his father called him for the same job and now he increased the margin to 200 dollars. Jordan was surprised, however, he didn’t give up and he started thinking again the possible ways to sell the $1 t-shirt for $200. The very next day he got to know that Hollywood’s most beautiful actress Farrah Fawcett would come next to their city for a press conference. He took a bus and reached that place, a few hours journey. When Farrah Fawcett was coming out after finishing the press meet, Jordan somehow managed to reach near Farrah and requested for a signature on that t-shirt. A 10- 11 years boy’s urge to take her signature couldn’t stop Farrah Fawcett to sign on it. After having that signature he returned to his place and set a poster in the market “Farrah Fawcett’s signature t-shirt for $200”. Lots of people assembled there in a few minutes and they started auction among themselves. At last one person agreed to pay $2000 and won the auction. Jordan returned to the home and gave $2000 to his father. His father was so happy for his son’s attitude and thought process.

Guys, you should remember three things in your life, conceive, believe and achieve. Most of us aren’t able to conceive and believe, so it’s not possible for us to achieve. This story depicts the strong belief system of human being. Jordan had belief that he can sell the old t-shirts in recommended prices set by his father and that belief system helped him to start thinking. Just imagine the first time he took 8 hours to sell the t-shirt, second time 4 hours and 3rd time it was sold in 4 minutes. Anything is possible with a strong idea and belief system.

Start to conceive, make your belief system strong, you can achieve. Be a DOER!!!

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