When we hear about candies, the first thing that comes to our heart is ‘Nibble’ ‘Gobble’, and then the calorific ingredients make us say ‘NO’ ‘NO’! The candy brand Nibblerz is here to solve our problem. Niblerzz was founded by Mumbai natives Aashnee Gajaria and Sandhya Seshadari to provide vegan chocolates that are both gluten- and sugar-free. 

Where did this idea come to these lovely ladies?

When Aashnee started her career in 2015 in an advertising agency, she met Sandhya there, who was senior to her then. They both became good friends due to their passion for building a brand.

Lately, Sandhya realised that the job needed to be more fulfilling. “I spent more than 13 years working in the marketing and advertising profession, but I found it quite constricting and was teaching nothing new. Therefore, I decided to take a break and began baking at home. I thought it was fun and decided to enroll in a pastry course.” says Sandhya.

Soon after that, Aashnee studied marketing at Cass Business School in the UK two years later, and Sandhya enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to pursue the craft of pastry baking.

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 Niblerzz: Revolutionizing the Candy Industry with Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Sugar-Free Delights

The two were inspired to launch Nibblerz by their shared love of sweets and recognition of the dire need for a clean brand in the Indian market. They have already garnered a sizable customer base and sold hundreds of packs in around eight months, generating monthly revenue in lakhs. The duo’s homemade recipes give their adult customers a nostalgic childhood drive, while the candies are enjoyable for kids without parents worrying about their dental health. 

The healthy mantra to make candies is very simple! The sweetness of their candies is derived from the chicory root, which the body cannot absorb and instead excretes out of the body. Their gummies are made entirely of real fruit, including the pulp of oranges, mangoes, and other fruits. Additionally, the rich fruit flavour is created organically without chemicals. They utilise substances like turmeric, paprika, and black carrot powder as an alternative to artificial colour. Instead of gelatin, they use pectin, made from apples, lemons, and orange peels.

After only eight months in operation, Niblerzz is already a rapidly expanding brand, sold in 19 states and 25 online marketplaces, including Amazon and Swiggy Minis. You may order the gummies from their website, which will be delivered right to your doorstep!

The duo’s entrepreneurial skills to shape a safer candy brand for all ages are wondrous and over-enchanting for candy lovers.

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