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Nick Vujicic - Man without Limbs, Man with Unstoppable Faith


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The person behind ‘Attitude is Altitude’ is none other than Nicholas James Vujicic. Nicolas’s purely positive attitude helped him reach an unfathomable altitude. How else can a man without limbs become an evangelist, a motivational speaker, an author, a founder of Life without Limbs and live life without limits? Born in Melbourne on December 4, 1982, Nicholas (Nick) suffered a rare congenital disorder or birth deformity known as tetra-amelia syndrome, a person without arms or legs. Nick was born with two very tiny and deformed feet. His toes that were fused in one foot, were operated upon to separate them so that he could use them as fingers.

Growing up in a Loving Family

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Nick’s parents Dusanka and Borislav were Serbian immigrants from Yugoslavia who set up home in Australia. When, Nicholas was born with the deformity his father almost fainted looking at him, while his mother Dusanka, refused to hold him in her arms. But very soon they both accepted his condition and began to love him unconditionally. They had two other children, a son and, a daughter.

While Nick was loved by and cared for by his elder brother, his younger sister loved him as much as her other brother. The family treated him as any normal kid even giving him chores and a sense of responsibility.

He began schooling and was the first special needs student who went to the mainstream education system of Australia. He was awarded the Young Citizen of the year in 1999.

In his growing years, his parents taught him how to live life smiling through difficulties. They told him he had the power to make a choice for himself, to either be angry for what he does not have or to be happy and thankful for what he has. He learned from them about changing obstacles into opportunities. His family became his world.

But all this love fell short when his growing up years were marred with bullying. He even tried to commit suicide twice, once at the age of 8 years and once at the age of 10 years as he tried to drown himself at home.

Overcoming hopelessness

But things began to take a turn when at the age of 15, he read a story of Jesus Christ healing a blind man. He began to understand everyone has a purpose and for him, it was to heal people through speech.

His first speech at the age of 17 was sharing his story before a small group of students at Griffith University (he graduated at the age of 21 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a double major in accountancy and financial planning). His next was in front of 300 students where a girl came crying up to him thanking him for helping her realize she was loved and beautiful. That was his beginning. By 19, he realized that even if you don’t get a miracle from God, you can be a miracle for someone else.

He soon learned to swim, fish, surf, snowboard, and even play golf. He was turning into a happy and loving person, and confidently living the life of a normal person.

The move to California in 2002

The journey continues,

– In 2005, he established a California –based NGO, Life without Limbs.

– In 2005, he was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year’ Award.

– In 2007, he founded Attitude Is Altitude a motivational speaker’s platform.

– By 2008, he had become an evangelist and motivational speaker guiding millions world over. In March 2008, he appeared on 20/20 a television series.

– In 2009 awarded Best Actor for his role in Butterfly Circus, a Best Short Film winner at the Method Film Festival.

– In 2010, he authored his first book ‘Life without Limits: Inspiration of a Ridiculously Good Life and also released in the same year the DVD biography – A determined man of faith. Today he has 43 books to his credit.

– In 2011, ‘Attitude is Altitude’ released a single and music video by Vujicic called “Something More”

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Soon after he met his to-be-wife Kanae Miyahara at a public function in Texas where he was meant to speak. On Feb 12, 2012, they got married. Nick and Kanae have two sons Kiyoshi James and Dejan Levi and identical twin daughters Olivia Mei and Ellie Laurel.

Today Nick has spoken in over 1000 gatherings, in 73 countries, has addressed 5 million people face to face, digitally connected with 730 million, has 1.4 million Instagram followers and 9.2 million Facebook followers. Through Life Without Limbs, an international non-profit organization and Attitude is Altitude (2007), a secular motivational speaking company he continues to motivate millions and bring people closer to Jesus. The message is simple I AM HERE FOR A REASON…I CAN BE A MIRACLE.

And thus, the crusade continues ….

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