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I never like to share what I’m going through, usually, it becomes tough for me and then you may also not like it either. Been a few years now, I sell cups of tea, walking door to door, office to office, getting me some 6000 rupees a month. This helps me to survive, pay the rent and look after my other better half. She keeps unwell, she keeps forgetting – but with age that happens. Recently, she had a bad fall, it’s tough to manage doctors visit as that adds up on expenses again. Well, she manages to make tea and I fill the pots to sell, that’s how the day starts. Being at 69, it’s tough to walk long, but it’s important to meet our expenses, I do not sell on Sundays as it’s a holiday, I wish I could. Our son is settled, looks after his family which we are not a part of, he calls sometimes but that’s the limit of our relationship with him. It’s definitely painful to go through this, but you cannot quit ‘Living’. My wife’s with me and that is what it matters..” – Satyanarayana

We request everyone, if you come across any such inspiring souls who are struggling hard, please do spend your couple of minutes with them, buy from them and support in whichever way you can. That is what DOER is aiming for – We need you!

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