Image Credits: KenFolios

The rising development has contributed to the growing sense of hygiene and poor sanitation. India is giving birth to a huge mountain of waste and garbage on daily basis. You blame it on population or development, it is a rising issue. The garbage contains harmful contaminants causing epidemic and ecosystem disruption. Keeping hygiene and community in mind, Anurag Tiwari a fresh finance graduate came up with a new idea – Rekart. Along with Municipal Corporation, Rekart is recycling all the garbage that is collected from households. With heartfelt compassion and dedication to doing something for the community, he took the support of his friend Rishabh Bhatia for advertisements. 

While travelling from Gurgaon to Faridabad, a dump of waste encouraged him to keep his city clean and recycle all the waste for something good. When everyone ignores the wastes dumped in the corners of the streets, such brave hearts come up and help society. His friends were highly motivated by his plans and decided to collaborate. Rekart was finally formed that recycled waste from 25 lakh homes in Delhi and Gurgaon. 

Can you imagine the turnover? It is more than 15 crore and they are working hard to improve it. On their payroll, over 11 employees are working to help them with this cause to keep the city clean. Achievements like this need applause as it helps the society to do better together. There are dry and wet wastes and Anurag knows how to deal with them. The dry garbage is always sent for the process of recycling and the wet waste is used for making urea and electricity. Can you imagine how much these garbage wastes are contributing to society by keeping the city clean?

Image Credits: KenFolios

Anurag has helped several garbage collectors and junk dealers associated with him. He paid well to all the garbage collectors and ensures that they have a good monthly earning. A small piece of the idea worked for the welfare of the entire community. He focuses on dry waste, transportation, and collection. The products involve plastic, metal, cardboard, and metric wastes. With just a missed call from the customers, the garbage is collected from their doorstep. 

He has a promising future and decides to collaborate more with Municipal Corporations. He aims for a large scale waste management company, which can help keep India complete clean and free from diseases and sufferings. 

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