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Source: The Federalist

Well, most of you already know this tough, cool, successful and the biggest superstars of all time, yes it’s none other than THE ROCK a.k.a Dwayne Johnson. He was born in a wrestling family, where his father and grandfather were professional wrestlers. However there was no money in wrestling at that time so, they were not strong economically.

They didn’t have food for Thanksgiving dinner and he prayed someone would invite them to eat good dinner. One day they came home and found the eviction notice at the front door. He saw his mother crying for starvation and shelter. His parents were divorced and he was helpless with no home and was away from his father.

He started playing football in high school team to increase his grades. He was recruited by the University of Miami and he moved to Canada to play for a professional team. After two months he was cut off and left with no money. He returned with 7 dollars in his pocket. He holed up in his mom’s apartment and cried a lot.

Then he decided to choose his family tradition wrestling. He went to his father for better coaching. His father wasn’t interested but he agreed to look at his son’s determination. He had to buy volleyball knee pad as he couldn’t afford wrestling gear and he borrowed wrestling shorts from his uncle. To make his debut he had to drive 1000 miles in 1996. When the promoters asked him if he had wrestled before, he answered proudly

“Wrestling is in my blood”

He joined wrestling and always booed away by the audiences. It took years of struggle for him to win 7 world wrestling championship titles and by then there were millions of fans just showering on this touch Rock. He literally transitioned all the hate into love, struggles into success and titles into happiness. After years of wrestling, he started getting offers from big production houses and finally made his big screen debut with The Scorpion King! That was the time which changed everything for ‘The Rock’. He is now the highest paid actor in the world(2017).

“Success isn’t always about the greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come”.

He is surely the highest paid actor, he is surely the super successful wrestler, he is sure Dwayne Johnson but for us, he will always be “THE ROCK”.

Make your will stronger, never give up. Be A DOER!

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