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In 1998 Tata Motors started their dream project of making more sophisticated and fuel economy passenger car Tata Indica. However, that wasn’t succeeded enough. A few years later when TATA realized their huge loss over fuel efficiency passenger car Indica, Mr.Ratan Tata went to Detriot (Headquarter of Ford Motor Company) to meet Mr.Bill Ford and his team. He requested Mr Bill Ford to purchase TATA’s passenger vehicle division as it had been running in loss from several years. Ratan Tata’s meeting with Mr Bill Ford wasn’t sweet enough. He was insulted by Ford and Mr.Ford said that Tata should not dream on the passenger car manufacture business as they didn’t deserve that.

It was very serious humiliation on Ratan Tata and he didn’t sell this division to Ford. He came back to Mumbai on the same day with his team. He had lots of anger in his mind, however, he didn’t let that expression come out to the outer world. He involved himself on passenger vehicle divisions and started focusing on making most indigenous Indian passenger car. Initially it was criticized by auto analysts, however, its excellent fuel economy, powerful engine, and an aggressive marketing strategy made it one of the best-selling cars in the history of the Indian automobile industry. A newer version of the car, named Indica V2, was a major improvement over the previous version and quickly became a mass favourite. He turned around the whole division from nowhere to everywhere in a few years.

Take the stones people throw at you and use them to build a monument – Ratan Tata

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On the verge of this success, TATA motor’s passenger car division was reviving and growing very fast. At the same time, Ford was losing its market worldwide. They were facing huge difficulties to run their luxury car divisions. In this occasion, Ratan Tata sent a proposal to Ford and showed his urge to purchase their Jaguar and Landrover unit. After receiving the proposal from Ratan Tata, Bill Ford came to Mumbai from Detroit with his team and in 2008, Tata Motors acquired the English car maker Jaguar Land Rover by Rs 9600 cr from Ford Motor Company. Bill Ford admitted that TATA rescued their business by acquiring that unit.

Guys, this is the best example of converting anger into a resolution. Ratan Tata didn’t show his anger or reaction to the world after receiving humiliation from Ford, but he absorbed all the bitterness and converted that into success with his passion and conviction. The only powerful ingredient which made this possible is monomaniacal madness. If a person is determined and focused on his aim, he’ll definitely achieve this. You just need to unleash yourself and think bigger.

Move towards your goal with determination, be focused, be DOER!!

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