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The Blind Lady who earns Rs. 50,000 per month by selling Ghee and Superfood Supplements

Geetha Saleesh of Kerala defied the odds by creating a successful internet business that supplies across India despite her disabilities.

Geetha Saleesh, from Thrissur, Kerala, was detected with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare inherited illness when she was just 13 years old. By 15, she had begun to lose her sight and was completely blind.

Her disability, on the other hand, never deterred her from reaching her objectives. Geetha, who had always desired a job, learned braille and completed her education. Geetha, 39 years old, runs a successful internet business that sells handmade food products such as ghee, pickles, and a turmeric-based superfood supplement.

In 2020, she and her husband Saleesh Kumar founded ‘Geetha’s Home to Home.’ “Being visually impaired never prevented me from starting something on my own.” “My husband and children have always been supportive of all of my endeavors,” Geetha says.

Image Credits: Deccan Herald

A few years earlier, Geetha had a small restaurant with her husband in Thrissur, so she was no stranger to running a business. “We had a local organic restaurant, and that was our debut business venture,” Geetha explains. We used to serve meals and drinks created using organic products, such as veggies. We had to close things down due to the loss of the rented premises. But our restaurant’s extensive cooking experience provided me the courage to establish this online food business.”

She subsequently took leave to spend time with her children and family. However, when she eventually wanted to return to work, she was upset by all of her denials when looking for work.

Geetha was motivated to establish her own business by Saleesh, a medical agent and distributor. “Geetha always wanted to be self-sufficient and earn her own money,” he recalls. Many questioned her ability, but I never doubted her. I was convinced that, given her background and ability, she would be a master at it.”

The lockdown was essential in Geetha’s decision to create this firm. “Why not establish an online business during the lockdown?” I reasoned. I was also confident enough to establish a food business because of my prior cooking skills. My husband and children backed me up. “As a result, I gradually began selling a few things online, such as homemade ghee and pickles,” Geetha explains.

Geetha, who launched her company early last year, mostly sold and promoted her products on social media. She went on to introduce a few other products, including one called ‘Curcu meal.’

Image Credits: The New Indian Expresss

“At the moment, it’s the most sought-after product.” After three years of research, we created a Curcu meal. It’s an adapted version of manjal (turmeric),which is traditionally given to new mothers. Turmeric, dates, almonds, coconut milk, and jaggery are all used in this recipe. “It’s a superfood supplement because it contains all of the benefits of turmeric,” she explains.

“We utilise Prathibha turmeric, which has the maximum curcumin level,” Geetha explains. Turmeric’s medicinal component, curcumin, is the key to unlocking its maximum potential. The better the quality, the higher the content.”

Curcu meal costs Rs.600per 500gm container and has attracted thousands of clients across the country.

According to Geetha, the Curcu meal, which is served as a paste-like Chyawanprash, can be eaten uncooked or mixed with hot milk. “It’s appropriate for all ages, from youngsters to adults.” It’s healthy and has no adverse effects because it’s made of turmeric. Even from Kashmir, we’ve received orders. “I’m glad my study didn’t go in vain,” she says.

Geetha currently makes over Rs 50,000 per month due to the popularity of her signature product, and she has developed a website to promote and market her items. “Even though we have a website, we still promote our items through social media networks.” We don’t have many products right now, but we are created using high-quality, organic ingredients. In the future year, we intend to grow Prathibha turmeric on our own,” Geetha says.

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