Voice of Stray Dogs (VOSD) form a successful 6 years bond with its canine residents!

Voice of Stray Dogs or VOSD is a licensed; no-kill home, nonprofit, in pursuit to save abandoned, neglected, and abused stray dogs. They keep the hope growing in humanity. We all are very well versed about the superman and ironman- the man created saviors are much idealized and honored. Why don’t we celebrate the forgotten unsung heroes of the society fighting for the well-being of the canine for 6 long years? VOSD takes in a group of forgotten stray dogs and builds a wonderful world since 2013.

Image Source: VOSD

The organization is a perfect example of humanity and animal love. VOSD is a natural ecosystem of rescued dogs taken care of for the lifetime. It is not a shelter or a care centre; it is a dog’s home! VOSD is located in the electronic city, Bangalore. Dogs here get lifelong care, love, support, and shelter here. “A day will come in which men will look upon an animal the same way they look upon a man”. These valuable words by Leonardo Da Vinci have fallen on deaf ears in the country but not to the members of VOSD. Their vision is to look after every dog which is forgotten and abandoned. Loving the dogs for 6 successful years, it is now the best dog rescue and rehabilitation centre worldwide.

Voice of Stray Dogs is a dedicated organization serving the canine world with affection and care. With innovation and care, they have used every possible method for their canine family. Telemedicine is the need of the hour, so why leave the dogs behind? VOSD is innovating telemedicine and online aid to every dog parent. They do not compromise when it comes to a suffering dog. 24*7 blood banks have helped every sick dog to rehabilitate fast. It is understood that senior old stray dogs are much more vulnerable. Separate hospice facility is the world’s first innovation made by VOSD. The organization strives to provide the best advice and treatment to every dog. The team of experienced veterinary experts yearns to serve every suffering soul that barks and has paws.

Image Source: VOSD

The pledge, kindness, warmth, and love make the canine thrive- one may think what can be the actual reason behind such relentless efforts? Loud echoes only answered Humanity! With help from Indian citizens and dog lovers, it is blooming.

Sponsorships, funds, campaigns, and donations have proven to be fruitful in the long run. The expansion plan is created to love and save more dogs. Currently, the structure fits well for 900 dogs, but the plan is to expand for 1400 dogs soon. Vacant land and team efficiency can save more lives, and that is the plan.

A home filled with love and care is what VOSD all about! VOSD yearns for profits and it is all about sloppy kisses and adorable big bear hugs until you just can’t take it anymore. Dogs here spend the best days of their life delightfully.

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