Image Credits: Wadhwani AI

Wadhwani AI, an independent non-profit organization is now taking an initiative to help the Indian farmers. India is an agricultural country and the primary occupation is farming. Wadhwani AI is helping agritech start-ups to grow and expand in different ways. There are various start-ups that are based on agriculture and they are being helped to increase yield and agricultural productivity. Wadhwani AI is working in the detection of early detection of crop diseases so that crops are being grown in an increased manner.

Wadhwani AI is a non-profit organization that focuses on building artificial intelligence applications. They are trying to expand and integrate ties with agricultural start-ups to improve farming. Artificial intelligence is increasing and the prospects can be huge if used in the right manner. This institute is mainly focused to work with Indian global start-ups that focus on agriculture. The applications can easily detect crop diseases and heath so that a better yield can be expected. The organization aspires to work for the betterment and development of agriculture and integrate the power of artificial intelligence in it.

Through private sector support they are able to reach maximum farmers globally. There are various stages in farming that can be helped with artificial intelligence. By early detection crop diseases can be controlled so that the yield is not affected. They are affectively engaging with startups and offering technologies and solutions to the agricultural productivity. This will ensure growth and development in the sectors of agriculture.

Image Credits: Analytics India Magazine

One large integration happened when a German startup Plantix approached them during the Google AI challenge in the year 2019. The startup has been benefited from a mobile crop advisory application that covers more than 40 crops and 400 different types of crop diseases. This application made by Wadhwani AI helps in giving real-time information about diseases and offers recommendations and solutions instantly. Such a great way of developing agriculture and yield. The company is looking out for the integration of AI with the application they have. It will help them to work well and improve productivity.

Wadhwani AI partnered with Better Cotton Initiative and works for early pest detection and control. It is used by 18,000 farmers in Telengana and helps the Cotton farmers with yield and growth.

Not only this, they are looking into water management, soil prevention, nutrient management, and other aspects of cotton farming with the help of AI solutions. A complete technological approach that helps the startup to develop agriculture and farming.

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