Today Disney land is everyone’s dream destination. It’s always a destination to visit with friends, family & kids at least once in a lifetime. However, most of us don’t know the real story of Walt Disney who was actually from a poor family and he didn’t have a single penny to buy even a bar of chocolate in his childhood. You’ll be amazed to know his struggle to reach the highest level of success.

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He used to deliver 1,300 copies of newspapers every day for his livelihood. Most of the time his father snatched all the money from him. His elder brother was fed up and ran away from home at a very early age. Somehow he managed to complete his basic education and at the age of 19, he started one animation company which was his long-lived dream. However, he couldn’t sell a single cartoon and his company had to face bankruptcy.

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me”

He didn’t stop there, after a few months he started an animation studio in an old garage. He didn’t have any permanent income for the next 5 years. He used to earn through several small projects and which weren’t even sufficient to fulfil his starvation and necessities. In the year 1928, the first time he achieved success in his life by making a short film, however, it was so disappointing that he had to lose the copyright of his own characters. He was totally crushed and had nowhere to live. He only had little money for food.

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way – implicitly and unquestionably”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

He refused to give up and to fulfil his dream, he started again with new cartoon characters. However, this time he failed to impress the audience. After a few months he managed to create a second film but this time he couldn’t find any distributor. Finally, he got success in his third attempt and Mickey Mouse became a big hit. In the next three years, he involved himself to create a feature-length animated film. After releasing the “Snow white and seven Dwarves”, it was hailed as a masterpiece. It had the highest box office figures that year.


After that, he never looked back and Walt Disney won 22 Academy Awards in his lifetime. This is a record to date.

“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting”

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